Cogs N’ Controversy: MOTUC Roboto

Backward shoulders, schmackward shoulders! This guys still alright. I reviewed this chess-playing monstrosity over on MTV Geek! so check it out dammit!

MOTUC Roboto Review

When you’re there, leave comments! Keep me rolling in this filthy, filthy, corporate money!


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  1. LOL, pictures taken @ work, perhaps in Knoxville? Good call! Don’t take this the wrong way, but it was hard for me to read through this review, what with none of the bile and vinegar that you usually exhibit. Come’on man, I know you have to clean up your act, but really, not even one mention of intoxicating substances or video-game levels of violence?

    • Not my call. On those reviews it’s more about “we” than “I”. So, I just gotta save up the motherfuckers, douchebags, shitheads, and other terms for this site. If Roboto had appeared on here, it would have been a LOT less kind.

    • It’s a CHESS ROBOT! How could it possibly be made exciting! xD (unless it was set on fire of course)

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