Drunk as Nails: Hasbro’s Tony Stark (Iron Man Mark IV)

As avid readers of Broca Blutch are aware, Iron Man is not to be trifled with (or acknowledged) while in the midst of a cocaine-gin-swimsuit model bender.  Luckily, I took it upon myself to photograph this kicker-of-ass in the wild, and I gotta say that this is THE coolest sonuvabitch to ever be called an “Iron Man action figure”.

You can read all of my fanboyish fawning over at MTV Geek!:

Iron Man Mark IV Review


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  1. look, LJ, i thought i did you a solid. i clicked ‘thumbs up’ and even typed a comment, but i don’t think it showed up.

    i tried.

    i don’t know if it is buggy or if i have to connect it to my facebook, but i try to only post pictures of illicit drug use and Extreme Justice toys on my facebook, so that is a no-go.

    • It’s there man. You sir, have indeed done me a solid. Perhaps I can repay you by one day saving your life and/or breaking a bottle on/in someone.

  2. broca blutch respectfully disagrees with your characterization of iron man, he is a noble man who vomits inside of his full face mask as a symbol of america’s troubled times (it’s a recession)

    • I respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement. Iron Man is not above punching an infant if it gets him paid and/or laid.

      However, that’s not to say that he is not a great American, since I’m pretty sure that’s what being a true patriot is all about.

  3. I like this toy. I like your review of the toy. What the hell is MTV?

    • Some little public access channel I slum for sometimes. 🙂

      • Oh, yeah. Now I remember. It’s been a while, the last time I watched that channel they were showing the Black Hole Sun video several times a day.

      • Now it’s mostly just cameras following around pregnant teens.

  4. I enjoying vomiting and punching infants as much as the next broke and/or horny guy, but Tony Stark is a douche. And I only say that because I’m insanely jealous of his wealth and ability to bang supermodels.

    He’s like a comic version of Tom Brady (who I despise).

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