DCUC Battle of the Aliens!

I’m still reviewing DCUC Wave 15 over on MTV Geek!, and this review is an all-out extra-terrestrial battle for the title of “Best Bald-Headed Color-Coded Alien Bastard“!

Martian Manhunter VS. Jemm Son of Saturn Review

To the winner goes the spoils…and the Oreos!


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  1. Great review of a figure that I hope to find in stores, and one that I will not be purchasing.
    It is a shame that most of the MM reviews I see have something wrong with the construction. Oh well, that’s what has kept me from ordering him online.

    Sorry for not posting at MTV, I just don’t want to sign up, or leave messages linked to my facebook account. So I’ll just remain a fringe drifter, hangin out in the back alley message boards of belligerent drunks.

    • Works for me. The more the merrier. Plus, you can use words like: shit, fuck, damn, cocksucker, asshole, motherfucker, rape-party, etc. on here.

      Turns out my MM has the one tiny bicep. 😦

      • I saw that, but didn’t want to point it out. If you’re like me that’s something you can’t un-see once you notice it, so I didn’t want to bring it to your attention.

      • I see plenty of that in my day-to-day thanks to the generally seedy environments I frequent… but not with my penis. I have impregnated NO teens! (for the record)

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