DCUC Raven: Robin’s Lil Lolita

Raven is notable for one reason: She was my first experiment with using a solid “backdrop” for my photos. Sure I’ve crammed figures in the dirt, smashed them up against trees, tossed them haphazardly into the streets; but, this was my first time doing something that practically every other toy photographer does.  I doubt I’ll use it too often, as I prefer the “real life” shots I take.  Anyway, Raven’s review is up over on MTV Geek!, so here’s the link as usual:

DCUC Raven Review

On a side note, I’m currently planning a new review for this site, which will go down as the most brutally nasty piece of action figure reviewing filth I have ever unleashed upon the world! Get excited, people!…and be afraid.


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  1. Excitement building!!!

    Oh, wait… nevermind, it was just gas.

    • I’ve got a 3 week-old hobo beard growing as we speak… not that it has anything to do with anything…

      • You should use THAT as your backdrop!

  2. Man, I should totally he hired to write Raven. Hell, I’LL DO IT FOR FREE! You hear that DC!? The rhyming will cost you extra though.

    How can a hot snarky emo goth chick be anything BUT interesting? Those writers don’t know what they’re doing, and neither do I, but at least when I fuck-up, I do it in a spectacular fashion and take everyone along for the ride!

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