DCUC M.O.H.A.W.K….errr, I mean O.M.A.C.

The DCUC Wave 15 reviews roll on over at MTV Geek!, and this time its for OMAC! That mohawk really speaks for itself, and it mostly says stuff like,”I’m gonna crush your punk-ass face and then go bang your wife!”.  Damn uppity hairdo!



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  1. I love OMAC as a character, but when I saw him at TRU last week I passed him up (and it wasn’t just because they’re charging $15.99 for their DC figures now). Something about him just didn’t look right, I think it was the head. The sculpt doesn’t bother me, but his head looks large on that body. Also, this is a figure that I think should have the bigger chest and arms, since I think of him as almost a human tank. Great review though.

    Also the Targets in my area have all their DCU figures on sale for $7.49 until 12/4, so although they all have older stock it’s giving me a chance to pick up some of the figures I refuse to buy since the price hike. And since this isn’t MTV: Toys R Us can lick my salty ball sack while I jam their fucking high prices up their ass with a carrot.

    • If you happen to see any older figures like Batman Beyond, let me know…and by that I mean, taunt the hell out of me as you buy a Batman Beyond DCUC for seven-fucking-forty-nine! Dammit Clark, you hoarding bastard! Quit buying all my Batman Beyond figures! I have the PKE Meter Prop already, so suck on that!lol

      Thanks for the compliments on the review. Yep, OMAC’s head is ripe like a pumpkin. I hear that GL Alan Scott and whatever the hell they’re calling the Obsidian figure are the same way. I wouldn’t know though, since I can’t find them! Aaarrrgghhh!!!

      • Well, I’m really kicking myself because about six months ago I found about three or four gentleman ghosts and never bought one, not realizing how hard he was to find until a few months back when somebody mentioned his going rate on ebay.

        I’ll keep my eyes out for whatever character you’re talking about. I’ve never heard of Batman Beyond though, I just buy figures that I think look cool. They had an interesting captain marvel variant, wearing black; some cool bad guy that looked like deadpool except for big pirate boots, and some other guy with a very shiny black body suit and white eyes and teeth.

      • You tricky, tricky s.o.b.! 🙂 I’m glad you comment on here now, makes things fun.

      • If indeed there are any figures wearing dominatrix-style black body suits with hastily painted on red bat-insignias, I have many, many things for barter.

  2. No luck with finding a BB, of course I only saw him once when that wave initially hit, and the figure I found had atrocious paint, so I decided to get the next one I saw (the joke was on me). Same thing happened with Aquaman, when wave two came out I found a classic aquaman immediately, but with terrible paint, and never saw him again.
    I’ll just keep reading your reviews and commenting when I can, because despite having about 20 figures lined up, I don’t have time to write reviews right now (and that probably won’t change until after the new year).

    • I did the same thing with BB when I saw him at KB Toys before they were shuffled out of existence.

      I have a few goodies lined up for this site, but I’m swamped with MTV reviews, so it’ll continue to be a pile of links until sometime next week.

      • I hope I find one of the All Star GL figures on sale, because mine is from the initial release, which means he has that disintegrating plastic, and I’m tired of always having to take Hal into the tub with me to clean that junk off. I think my other figures think I’m giving him preferential treatment.

        In other news, a TRU I visited today had the new DCUC/MOTUC 2-packs, and two out of three of them had disassembled figures. The only aquaman had his biceps switched and two right calves, and one of the hawkman figures had two right forearms.

      • Christ! That does NOT bode well for my Aquaman needs! I’m actually gonna break down and buy the Hawkman pack as well even though I’ve already got him. As much as I couldn’t give a shit less about Stratos, The Masters need a flying dude hangin’ around.

        My GL suffers from the same ailment. I figured its his punishment for all the sleeping around, kinda like action figure herpes. I’m really fond of my TRU exclusive metallic Hal. That sonuvabitch looks fancy!




    Also, this is how I know that was a good review; at first glance I’m like “who’s this loser in the multi-colored pajamas?” Then after reading, I’m like, “Who’s this hard ass mother-fucker looking like he could tear shit up just by staring it down?!” Badass! xD

    • That was possibly the greatest accolade I have ever received. 🙂

  4. I don’t have a Kmart where I live, but I’m in a small town this weekend that does have one. I went there in hopes of finding Golden Pharaoh, but they only had OMAC. For $12.99 (much better than TRU $15.99) I picked him up, and in hand he totally rock my socks off. He just oozes that Kirbyness that I can’t resist, and even the smaller body and gigantic melon head come together great.
    I think somebody new will get to enjoy bath time with me this evening!

    • I’m sure he’ll be super excited… and Hal will be quietly relieved.

    • *horror face* D:

  5. BTW, after a long night of drinking whiskey and scrutinizing our bodies in the bathroom mirror, OMAC and I have decided that he actually has the larger of the male bodies offered by DCUC, it’s just his head is so large it makes his body look smaller.
    So never mind about my complaints of which body Mattel used, he is perfect. My only complaint is that the plastic used doesn’t taste very good.

    • It’s porous, so it has inevitably soaked up some residual taste from the various orifices he has made contact with. There’s just no way he’s gonna taste great after that…

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