Brains & Brawn…but mostly Brawn: DCUC Validus

Validus. That’s right, I built him. Suck on that Legion, your deaths await!  I managed to grab up DCUC Wave 15 during the sweet K-Mart sale a couple of weeks ago, and so this brainy-freak was born unto me.  Check out my review over at MTV Geek!

DCUC Collect & Connect Validus Review


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  1. I dig the look of Validus, but the lack of thigh swivels would really bother me. It drives me nuts with Kilowog that I can’t get him in the poses I look for (most of them sexual in nature) without those joints.

    • I think they were left out in order to keep those big bastards from being too weakened in the leg department. Oh well, everyone knows that Kilowog likes to be on his back…reverse cowgirl IS his favorite position, after all.

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