Ponytails & Power Swords: MOTUC King Grayskull

What a fuckin’ tough-guy!  Good thing Grayskull bit it a long time ago, cause he’d crap himself with horror if he had to witness Prince Adam carrying around his sword.

If you wanna see more of the re-issued King Grayskull, hop on over to MTV Geek and peruse my senseless ramblings along with a couple of shaky photographs.

MOTUC King Grayskull Review


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  1. Heck yeah, I just picked up my king grayskull and grizzlor from the apartment office this morning. My first impression of kg was a little disappointing, because he is so similar to He-man. However, after playing around with him a bit I’m liking him a lot more. However, that flocking on his cape comes off easily with warm soapy water and friction.

    • Better the flocking come off than the semen stay on.

  2. King Grayskull = Awesomest Christmas tree topper EVER!

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