A Father & Son Picnic…of Destruction!: JLU Darkseid & Kalibak

Honestly, I don’t own a lot of JLU figures. I’m more of a rough & tumble super-articulation kinda vagabond, and the JLU series doesn’t exactly live up.  However, Kalibak has quickly taken his spot on my art desk (the one made of milk crates and a piss-stained piece of plywood) since he is just such an odd little thing.  These ugly puppies go on sale December 15th on mattycollector, but my review is up over at MTV Geek right this very f’n moment… cause I’m a thief.

JLU Darkseid & Kalibak Two-Pack Review


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  1. Darkseid reminds me of MY dad. Mostly because he fires death rays from his eyes, too.

  2. Yarrr, Kalibak looks like a vinyl designer toy, pretty cool.

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