Crystar – The magic of Bling?

[Here’s a brand new review from Novelty Nostalgia of Toy a Day. It’s actually a pretty straight-forward deal, so no death threats this time around. – Lemonjuice McGee]

That crazy hobo has gone on a power trip, moving all content off this blog to that other site.  Blegh.  This site now looks and feels like those adverts scrawled at truck rest stops – you know, the type that says “whore for hire, will suck for money” graffiti on the doors of the cubicle.  So, I’m hoping that I (and just in case you are wondering, I here happens to be Novelty, from Toy a Day) can bribe Lemonjuice back here with some bling, or in this case, The Magic of Crystal…

That’s the way the figure is carded.  The card is way way oversized, just like someone’s waistline these days, but bigger is better in this case because all the goodies that comes with the figure is displayed prominently.  The card has the usual stuff on the front – logo, illustration, etc., and the back – illustrations of the other figures in the line, a comic of sorts, some useless text – you know the deal.  What is left out on the card, is the actual title of the whole thing.  Instead, a sticker is applied to the front of the card.  That’s pretty sneaky as it allows Remco to reuse the card..

There are a lot of goodies packed with the figure.  It almost seems as if this is an accessory pack with a figure instead of a figure with accessories.  There’s a silver cauldron, with articulated handle.  This cauldron is very stable thanks to the four legs and is huge.  Then there’s the orb and stand, a flag with an attached stand, a silver spoon, two pieces with pegs, one of which has a crystal, a weird staff/axe combo and the prisma crystal weapon thing.  Whew.  The other thing that stood out besides the cauldron is the transparent cyan orb, which sits pretty well in the silver stand.

The figure is molded mostly from flesh colored plastic and has seven points of articulation – neck, shoulders, hips and knees.  He’s dressed though, in a canary yellow raincoat, pretty much the same color raincoat that Lemonjuice wears when he wants to show off his birthday suit to unsuspecting people.  I did tell him he’d get arrested one of these days, but he’s just laughed at me with that drunken yet crazy look in his eyes.  The eyes on the figure here though, are not painted, but it’s well covered by the hood anyways.  There’s very little paint on the figure – his beard is painted white, and the pants and boots are also painted, but with that raincoat, he might as well be naked underneath like Lemonjuice.

Overall, this set reminds me of a Barbie cooking set.  You know, the type little girls (and Lemonjuice when he thinks that no one is looking) will play with, pretending to cook dishes and serve them to their dolls (or in Lemonjuice’s case, his blow-up companions).  I seriously think that this was Remco’s attempt to make more money from a line that was at best mediocre.  Wait, was it even mediocre?  Heck, I don’t care… now where did I place that bottle of Whiskey?

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  1. The Cooking Pak: another similarity between Crystar and MOTU

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