Matted Fur & Hidden Junk: MOTUC Grizzlor

This mess of fur and fangs turned out to be a much cooler figure than I had anticipated.  I still can’t understand the thought process behind giving him so many weapons.  sure, that’s how the Staction appeared; but big damn deal! This guy looks a shit-load more savage and threatening when he’s empty-handed… just like cracked-out hooker when she’s cornered in an alley; you just know she’s gonna take out your eyes one way or another!

Anyway, the review is up at MTV Geek, so click the link and check it out:

Ferocious & Furry: MOTUC Grizzlor Review

Oh, and while we’re at it: Did any of you brave the Matty Cyber Monday Sale? Care to chat about it? I missed out on Battle Cat again…this time due to sheer laziness. He-man is gonna be pissed when I tell him that he’ll just have to keep walking to the liquor store…


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  1. I did brave mattycollector today, mostly out of curiosity of how bad it would be, because although I really want Battle Cat, not having him doesn’t kill me. This is my story:

    I was at school working in the library, so I just kept the matty screen going in the background while working on some longitudinal data analysis (trying to figure out which variance-covariance structure to use before I decided which parameters to keep for my final model, you know how it is), and because I was both drunk and horny I found it hard to concentrate. Drunk because I had Crispix and whiskey for breakfast, horny because I was watching Fox News while eating it.
    Anyway, I jumped online about twenty minutes after the sale started, and took about 25 minutes for the auto-refreshing page to go away. I then immediately went to the sale page so I could add He-man and Battle Cat to the cart. The damn thing kept auto-refreshing though, so I could never add them to the cart. So I went to the MOTUC product line and clicked on Battle Cat to add him that way. Then the WSOD came back for about 10-15minutes. I added BC to the cart, went to add He-man to the cart, another ten minutes of WSOD.
    He was added, then I had to log in, another 5 minutes of white screen. After I logged in it was smooth sailing, but at the last minute I decided to drop He-man.
    However, I did get BC, and now I’m trying to tell myself that it is a waste of money to order another He-man and Skeletor, but something in me wants to have one more of each, I don’t know why.

    Anyway, that was my morning, I think in total it was about an hour long process to order the green pussy. As long as I pass my classes I’ll graduate next Friday, and that will be a nice present for myself.

    • I know what you mean about FOX News. I would totally bang Megyn Kelly… twice.

  2. Also, very good review of Grizzlor. I really dig him, although that fur hangs down pretty damn low between his legs. I like that he comes with so many weapons, it makes me think that he is a really sick fuck that likes to carve up his victims. However, this is an area where I would really like to see some interchangeable hands, so I could display him with vicious claw hands too.

    I ended up returning the hawkman/stratos 2-pack, I just didn’t need another hawkman, and stratos wasn’t worth the $30 for me. I still want a flying character so I just pretend Grizzlor can fly. Boom–problem solved. I’m a problem solver.

    • Wait– you’re telling me that Grizzlor originally can’t fly?! Damn. My world has officially been rocked!

      I still really want an animal Man DCUC, so if he’s not sold out as of this morning I MIGHT order him. If I get a WSOD a day after the sale though, I’m gonna punch a hole right through fuckin’ reality! Glad to hear you got your Battle Cat though. You should review him… for me… on here… cause I demand it!

      • I might be able to do that, hopefully when I’m not working 12 hours a day. I also just found out that we have a Mattel warehouse and toystore near us. So this morning on my way to school I stopped by, and they had a pretty good selection of DCUC, including wave 14. I don’t know anything about Kamandi, but he was actually a pretty cool looking boy, so tan, and stern….with those jean shorts….oh god…I’ve gotta go.

      • Indeed, Kamandi is every teen girl and creepy adult male’s dream! I’ll be reviewing him soon.

      • Just so you know what kind of crap I have to deal with when it comes to dc figures, I went back to the mattel store and they marked all their DCUC down to $11.99 instead of $14.99. Then offered an additional 30% off of that. Kamandi was gone, but I went ahead and picked up nightwing (the TRU’s in my area just got their exclusive nightwing and he is ugly) and cheetah (the black leotard version).
        I actually had the naked animal skin variant of her once, but wasn’t that impressed with the way she looked (very plasticy) so I ebay-ed her. I like this version with the clothes painted on better. Now, had cheetah been a guy, and I had a naked version of him, then that would have been a different story.

      • Indeed, your sexy toy bathing would have been upped a notch or too, for sure.

        So does the Mattel store just carry what you see on Wal-Mart shelves or does any mattycollector stuff slip in there as well?

      • They only have what you can find on store shelves, but they carry the TRU and Walmart exclusives (except not the TRU green lantern, I passed on him when he was all over the pegs at all the stores near me because I thought the price was too much, but now I want him and can’t find the guy). The only things I haven’t seen there are any of the MOTUC/DCUC 2-packs.

      • Good to know that you don’t have any secret advantages. My jealousy can now subside and instead the desire for sweet alcohol can return.

  3. I logged in around 3pm to see battle cat was still in stock and wavered, because that is $40 of drinking and carousing money. so I went out for some pancakes, and came back and he was gone. so there goes my temptation. hopefully secondary market prices drop now.

    • He was all I was really wanting as well (besides Animal Man), but I blew all my waste money a few days before the sale. I feel like I need a Battle Cat, but sometimes I need clothes. It happens. Indecent exposure is NOT a fun reason to get tossed in the clink… trust me.

  4. Battle Cat < WWE Legends Series 3

    • Who’s in series 3?

      • The Rock, Mr. Perfect, Vader and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. I just received all except the Rock in the mail today.

        Oh, there’s also the British Bulldog and Brian Pillman, but I wasn’t interested in those.

      • I would break my trend of not purchasing them if they’d release a Mankind figure.

  5. Great, I threw-up at the title a little 😛

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