Jibber-Jabber for December 13th

So, I haven’t really been updating  jack-shit on here as of late. Other than links to my MTV Geek articles, this “Haven of the Distrusted” has been stuck on autopilot.  However, the general comments have been going strong with everything being discussed from taking sexy bubble baths with Hal Jordan to… well, there’s been a LOT of talk about bubble baths.

Anyway, today I’m just gonna ramble on about the various happenings in my seedy world of action figures and cockfighting.  You guys can then comment the living fuck out of the post, and together we’ll make the world a better place!

As I lay here soaked & sprawled across the pavement, I have come to 2 realizations:

1.  I’m wet thanks to my overindulgence of various alcohol, and non-effective bladder control.

2.  This Wi-Fi connection is surprisingly strong… like the reek of my piss, or the hardened semen on this keyboard. (I’m borrowing the computer from Two-Fingers Lenny, so that’s to be expected.)

– Last week was fairly pathetic when it came to finding new toys on the shelf.  I managed to get the Marvel Legends Winter Soldier & Black Widow 2-Pack; but, didn’t have enough scratch on me to get the others.  Seems like the Deadpool & Warpath 2 pack is the only other one I’m gonna be interested anyway.  That Hulk looks way too cartoony, even for the Ed McGuiness style it’s imitating.

– The Green Lantern 5 pack finally made it’s way to my local Wal-Mart, and in person it’s even more disappointing than I thought.  Guy Gardner looks like a goddamn mutated pumpkin.

– On December 15th, the Matty Collector sale once again will force us all into salivated insanity. Thanks to my review copies, I have some initial impressions on the offerings.  Buzz-Off is very…meh.  Nothing all that great about him, but a solid character.  The Darkseid & Kalibak 2-pack is quite cool; and if you’re a JLU fan, you should definitely get it.  The Christopher Reeves Superman is FUCKING AMAZING! Order that 60 dollar piece of plastic crack and instantly be teleported to your childhood.  It’s been a longtime coming, and Mattel delivered.

– Snow fucking sucks.

– A couple of my less-than-reputable friends hid 2 Star Wars Vintage Collection Boba Fetts for me. This being standard practice in the all or nothin’ world of toy collecting, I thanked them and made my way to the store post haste.  Once there, I found the hidey-hole to have been ravaged like a 3 dollar whore on payday.  The Boba Fetts were gone, and only my sadness remained in their place. Damn this cutthroat business! Damn it to hell!

– I’ve been working on lots of Year End lists lately. Time stops for no man…except Doc Brown.


Lemonjuice McGee

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  1. Toy hunting this month has been at a crawl for me as I’m tapped out thanks to X-mas shopping. The ML packs are nice, but it seems Hasbro took a cue from Mattel and decided they should sell their 2pks for $30, too. Bastards!

    Anyway, my hunt shall remain focused on finding the Aquaman/Mer-Man pack and WWE Legends 3 The Rock. That’s about all I could really hope to pick-up for the rest of the month.

    And I totally agree with you on the GL 5pk. Very poor attempt by Mattel. I wouldn’t mind having Guy on my shelf, but I can’t blow $60 for that set. Just crap.

    • Yeah, 30 bucks is why I only have the Winter Soldier pack. It’s hard to shell out that kinda dough this close to the holidays. Damn my fanboy love of BuckyCap! He turned out to be one of the coolest MLs in a long time…after I got his shoulder un-stuck.

  2. Wow, you actually get preview figures from Mattel! Now you’ve got it made. No more running the WSOD every month for figures!

    • True. It’s definitely a bonus to be able to actually review figures before their released. Kinda makes it seem more useful to people looking to buy them.

      Vikor looks like he could easily make any of the other MOTUC his bitch. Very badass, and VERY Conan-like.

  3. Buzz-off is “meh?” I mean… I’m sure that’s true because he looks “meh” to me too, but don’t you know the rules? If you don’t say that every Mattel figure that comes your way is a “must have” or “better than the last” or the most “amazing freaking action figure on my shelf” then you might not get some more advanced figures from them.
    You really need to take a cue from other websites and say how Buzz-off is proof that MOTUC keeps getting better with each release.

    • BTW, I bought the deadpool warpath 2-pack, held on to it for an evening while staring at it, then returned it the next day. Unfortunately I thought deadpool looked like cheap crap and I couldn’t convince myself that it was okay to have spent the $30.

      • That’s kind of my thinking on them as well. I just know once I get them, I won’t be nearly as happy as I was with the extra 30 bucks in my pocket. Plus, it’d be tough to beat that Winter Soldier figure. Even Black Widow is pretty cool.

        have you seen any of the new DC vs. MOTUC packs yet in your area?

      • I haven’t seen any more of the new MOTUC/DCUC packs since that one day, when all the DC figures had something wrong with them. I’m confident they’ll start to show up in greater numbers after the new year. I want to keep checking, but the TRUs in my area are so crazy right now that I don’t even want to go inside.
        I need to save up some money because I really want Vikor, and I was convinced that BA Skeletor would be mine but now I’m waffling.

      • I’m actually liking the look of B.A. Skelly more and more. i think the nostalgia factor is kicking in on high gear; plus, I keep seeing B.A. He-man standing there, just waiting to put an axe in somebody’s chest…

    • I’ll take my chances. I’m lucky enough as it is to get these preview figures, and Mattel is very cool for sending them; but, Buzz-Off is such a craptacular character, there wasn’t much they could do. Granted, it doesn’t appear that they tried their hardest to make it otherwise.

      Vikor, the Shadowbeast, and the Palace guards are all quite pimp though. January is gonna pad Matty’s wallet plenty. 🙂

  4. Well, Buzz-Off was one of my favorite figures when I was a kid, probably second only to Clawful. Sadly, very, very, sadly, he is not in my budget tomorrow. My budget being: nothing. I’m really bummed. Up for another trade? I have a Roboto with your name on it!

    • I always seemed to have at least one Buzz-Off laying around. I don’t even understand how! It’s insane!

      That’s the thing with MOTU characters: one person’s crap is another man’s favorite. That’s generally true with about any geek-related property; but, He-man seems to have much more divisive group of fans.

      I couldn’t trade that bee-lovin’ son of a bitch in good conscience. Especially since Mattel was kind enough to send him to me for review. However, I will mail him to you after I do the review. He’ll be without a package; but at least he’ll find a good home with a fan. 🙂

      • Holy Crap! LJ, I don’t care what those prostitutes said about you, you’re OK!

      • Yeah, yeah. Don’t go tellin’ everybody. It’ll ruin my battle-hardened street cred.

      • Yeah…I’m pretty sure he gave the prostitutes something other than a MOTUC figure to keep, otherwise they might feel differently about him. The fact that he said that was their “tip” is what really bothers me about the whole ordeal.

      • *Must…resist…the urge…to make…joke…about…putting just the tip in…*

        Those hookers knew what they were gettin’ into!

  5. i wasn’t old enough for action figures in MOTU’s heyday, so really all i remember were my friend’s older brother’s vintage dudes, the few NA guys i had and then nothing. MOTUC got me to watch the 2002 cartoon, and i loved the shit out of buzz-off in that show. i loved his look, too!! no 200X head hurts his appeal, but he has grown on me now that i have seen more photos.

    i will buy approximately 25 less 40 oz. bottles of malt liquor in the next month to buy a buzz-off.

    • You sacrifice shall not be in vain!

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