The Best of The Best for 2010…Toys that is!

The Glyos RIG is #10 on my list. Who are the other 9?! Click on the damn link to find out!

Ten Best Toys of 2010

As I’m sure my picks vary from yours, the Comment Section is always open for your welcomed opinions on what toys you would have chose… and how much spaghetti you can put away. It just seems like one of you is gonna talk about spaghetti…


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  1. I agree with the first comment over at MTV that the 6-inch War Machine was bad ass, he would be on my top 5 for 2010. However, I found Kilowog very disappointing as a BAF. Not enough details in the sculpt, just painted costume, still miss those thigh swivels, and too damn big.
    Darkseid is my favorite BAF of 2010, and I didn’t even intend on getting him since I already had the DCSH version.
    Battle Cat is very cool, but now that I have him in hand he’s a bit of a mixed bag. That probably has to do with the fact that I don’t have room to display him, so after fiddling with him for an afternoon he went back into the box and has been in the guest closet since.

    • Feel free to put that pussy in the mail. I’ll give it a good

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