Top Ten Tron Toys of Twenty-Ten… Lotsa Ts

So who else is super-fucking-stoked about this Friday?! Tron: Legacy is finally coming to theaters and I shall be one of the masses of people lined up to see it.  Over on MTV Geek, I wrote a list of the top ten Tron toys so check it out and be a pal.

Top Ten Tron Toys… #1 is super-damned expensive, but worth it.


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  1. I saw the deluxe figures and the diecast vehicles AND the big ass disc around these parts, came home, saw this list and I want them! Scored some free tickets for the movie so maybe I’ll use the dough I saved on those and get something. The light up face really looks good, one of the best ways to show off an action feature I’ve seen to date.

    • I still haven’t seen the disk, but I want it. I bought the deluxe figure months ago, and you’re right about that action feature–very well done. I only wish the articulation and sculpt was a little better.

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