12″ of Man… SuperMAN that is!

Behold the wonder that is this toy! It’s like owning a gold crucifix or a really classy velvet portrait of Elvis! The most iconic version of Superman to ever be put to film now exists in large-scale action figure form.  Check out my review over at MTV Geek:

Mattel’s Deluxe Movie Masters 12″ Christopher Reeve Superman Figure Review


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  1. Everyone needs the 12” of Superman!



    • You can’t run from the truth!

  2. I respect Christopher Reeve but Brandon Routh will forever be Superman in my eyes.

    Ok, that’s BS. New topic-I’ve seen a lot of Skeletors with the “the original” logo on the package, but he has the same open left hand of the 1st release. Is this from Cyber Monday? Has Mattel gone back to that original left hand?

    • I haven’t heard anything about this. I know the Skeletors from Cyber Monday were supposed to be all part of a new re-issue run. Maybe they used the first molds for them… no clue.

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