Tools of the Trade: MOTUC Weapon Pak II

I smoothly managed to let this thing slip through the cracks.  I had the Weapon Pak photographed for a while, but all these other friggin’ awesome toys kept cropping up! Anyway, the review is up over at MTV Geek, so click on the link, if you’d be so kind, and show this thing a little love.  Cause it’s kind of embarassing, really.

MOTUC Weapon Pak II Review


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  1. I’ve been waiting for this! More comments after I read it!

  2. It needed more pictures 😦 And it was way too bland when compared with your first Weapons Pak review…

    • I send in lots of pics; but, I don’t choose what makes the cut. Also, the Weapons Pak itself wasn’t exactly a pile of f’n excitement. Buzz-Off, Vikor, and the Shadow Beast are comin’ up. Maybe they’ll be more to your liking.

  3. Wanna trade for any of it?

    • Pretty much any of the stuff in the large shot, I won’t be using. Only Faker’s weapons and the Roboto attachments made the cut on my end.

      • Great! That’s actually most of the stuff I want, other than the black Optik weapons. Shoot me an email with stuff you’re looking for. I doubt Alexander Luthor excites you, but I do have an extra from Customer Service if you want him.

      • Alexander Luthor, indeed does NOT excite me. In fact, he possibly makes me shrivel up a Just send me an email or some such.

  4. I passed on this set because faker’s shield and axe were the only things I wanted, but were by no means a must have. After reading your review, I think I’m fine without them.
    In my world if Faker is a badass who only needs the sword, but if he really wants an axe and shield he would just kick He-man in the beanbags and take his.

    • I gave Faker Skeletor armor and the blue shield and axe a long time ago, and man does he look sweet! That orange crap is stupid in my book. No offense to anyone who likes it though, it’s just not my preference.

      • Some of us aren’t drowning in Skeletors! Of course, if you are, I totally need a Havok Staff.

    • In my world, Faker takes the abuse (yes, even sexual) that Skeletor wishes he could dish out on He-Man. If he only knew just how willing Adam might be…

      • Sold! Havok staff it is.

  5. i liked this set well enough. the perch was good for zoar (but not the armor, yuck), she-ra’s sword looks good and the trap-jaw/roboto weapons and black optikk stuff are great. mer-man also looks cool with the golden trident (not the armor or sword, though).

    the faker stuff is cool, but i already bought a spy monkey witching axe and shield of destruction for him some time ago, which are way cooler. so man-at-arms has the orange shield on his bare arm and the blue axe from the first pak. webstor has the orange axe because why not?? also i like randor’s scepter more than the spear, but having an extra spear never hurt anyone.

    some of the stuff (looking at you, evil-lyn) is totally useless, but i love having a box of extra weapons and parts.

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