What is best in life?: MOTUC Vikor, that’s what!

FUCK and YES! Vikor has made his way into the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and the world can rejoice!  I wrote up a preview/review over at MTV Geek, which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the guy… minus all the pure, unadulterated profanity. Yes, Vikor’s coolness is quite swear-worthy.  Anyway, here’s the link:

MOTUC Vikor Review


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  1. You lucky son of a bitch…..Mattel is pretty awesome to send you this guy. I’m very concerned about missing out on this figure because not only will I have to contend with mattycollector.com (which is awful when just MOTU fans are purchasing) but this figure is going to attract a bunch of Conan fans too.

    Although I have only become a Conan fan in the last year (when my local library got a hold of the first ten volumes of the old Marvel comics, and I subsequently read every one of them over the course of a couple of months), I just can’t pass up the opportunity to get a more barbaric MOTU character, and a stand-in Conan if needed, because the LCBH figure I have really has never appealed to me.

    Great review.

  2. Well, Mattel does good and Mattel does bad. In the last two days I’ve seen 3 of the Hal Jordan/Sinestro 2-packs, and in every one Sinestro was misassembled. But this time it was systematic, because each one had the same wrong parts.
    I really hope something can be done about this, somebody at Mattel needs to be alerted that shit like this is happening. This means that 5 out of the last 6 TRU exclusive two-packs I’ve seen have had one of the figures with incorrect body parts.

    • What was assembled wrong on the ones you saw? I’m checking mine now (I hadn’t opened it yet)…

      • The forearms were swapped, and each one had two left upper arms.

      • I’ve been studying my Sinestro pretty hard. he has a few shoddy paint apps, but his biceps are fine. However, his forearms MIGHT be switched. It’s almost tough for me to tell considering how spindly he is… I need to know for sure though before i do my review.

        The right one looks fine. the left one has a large indention, which at first seems to be backwards muscle definition, but I think is a “crushed” area that shouldn’t actually be there in the sculpt. almost like the mold was messed up…

      • I’m thinking that all of these near me must have come from the same shipment, and were all assembled on a friday. I’ll give it a little while and see if some better ones pop up, but the TRU near me don’t seem to restock exclusives once they sell out. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to spend the money on the set when I know something’s wrong with it (unless I wanted to buy it, then be a huge dick and sell it on ebay knowing that there is a QC problem).

      • Indeed. There are a million more worthy reasons to strive for huge dick status! Me? I punch orphans.

  3. I have been without internet since last monday because I was changing providers, and just saw that Vikor was available, but now matty is charging sales tax? My order came out to $31.00. That is really lame.

    • Lame, yes. The sting will come out of it a little after you get him in the mail. He’s a very good toy. Bubble baths will never be the same again!

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