The Most Violent of All The Unicorns: MOTUC Shadow Beast

Have you been jonesin’ for a gorilla/monster/unicorn hybrid for your toy collection? Well, your motherflippin’ chance to procure the Shadow Beast is comin’ up in February over on Matty Collector.  This bastard doesn’t do much, but he sure as Hell looks intimidating on the shelf.  Check out my Preview/Review over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Shadow Beast Review


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  1. Somehow I will afford three.

    • It would be cool to have multiples. A pack of these bastards would be very formidable.

  2. He’ll be part of the subscription, and I’m not picking up any extra to army build. My money will be going on the Palace guards in January… if I can get some.

    • Oh yeah, those guys look extremely badass.

    • 3 packs of those is a must too. Looks like I won’t be eating much in January.

  3. Do the Shadowbeast’s shoulder’s look too small and “gappy” to anyone else? I’m looking at Gygor on the shelf and he doesn’t seem to have this problem.

    • I don’t have a Gygor to compare it against. 😦

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