Zippered Mask & Leather Gloves: DCUC Bane

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 will be hitting pegs soon, and is already in a lot of collector’s hands.  Here’s my review of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane.  He’s like a giant criminally-inclined luchadore that managed to stomp a mudhole in Batman… once. Of course, that’s more times than most villains can claim, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Oh, and the figure is very, very nice.

A Back Breaking Review of DCUC Bane

Got Crabs… Crabmasks?: GLC Kyle Rayner

“Kiss the ring motherflippers!”

That Kyle Rayner, such a jive-talkin’ pimp!  Women line up to get tossed in his fridge, if you know what I’m talkin’ about!  Well, if you wanna know more about what I’m saying, then head on over to MTV Geek and check out my review of Kyle:

Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner Review

Permanent Plastic Prison: Gray Ghost

[ Mattel has finally done it!  Those genius bastards have created an action figure that I refuse to open! ] – Lemonjuice McGee

As you can see above, that’s a figure of the Gray Ghost!  He first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, so the JLU style this figure is done up in definitely makes sense.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “McGee, you fuckin’ HATE toys that don’t move, so what’s the deal you goddamn sellout?!”.

Well, this figure has a little something special going for it.  Wanna know what it is? Well hit the friggin’ More tab to find out!


Hasbro’s Wicket W. Warrick: Bringin’ the Pain!

“Yub, yub motherlickas!”  That’s exactly how Wicket talks when no one is watching.  “Cute” my ass!  Anyway, I’ve been breaking my usual collecting trends recently by picking up a few select Star Wars figures here and there.  Today I reviewed another from Hasbro‘s badass Vintage Collection:

Star Wars Vintage Collection Wicket Review

They’ll Steal Your Heart: GLC Black Lanterns

Okay, so I started my Green Lantern Classics reviews, FINALLY!  First up are the 2 Black Lanterns from Series 1, Black Hand and Abin Sur.  However, as pointed out on IAT, the design of the costume is actually that of his son Amon Sur. Confusing, and I feel like an idiot for not catching it, considering how huge a Green Lantern fan I am.  anyway, here’s the link to the review over on MTV Geek:

GLC Black Hand & Amon Abin Sur Review

Randor’s Attack Dogs: MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack

Awesome? Yes.  There’s just no question.  These guys are tough as fuck and come with a ton of extra bits.  Randor must feel like a little bitch everytime he’s around these guards.  Hell, the same probably goes for Man-At-Arms!  Anyway, here’s the link for all my fawning over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack Review

A very NECA Christmas: Greg Horn Interview

I recently interviewed Greg Horn (the go-to cover artist for Marvel‘s sexy ladies, and DC‘s Blackest Night zombies) about his recent Christmas tree.  It’s made entirely of Neca‘s Nightmare Before Christmas figures, and is quite rad.  Check that shit out at the link below from MTV Geek:

Greg Horn’s Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Bustin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo: Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Series 1

Nope, these aren’t even close to being the Kenner figures we all remember.  However, they turned out to be better then I expected.  I’ve previewed/reviewed them over at MTV Geek, and while they’re cool toys, I still hope Mattel will give them the DCUC 6″ treatment eventually. They f’n deserve it!

Retro-Action Ghostbusters Review

Shittin’ Splinters: Fidgetz Transformable Warrior

[ Happy New Year to all you fellow layabouts and nogoodniks!  As a kick off to 2011, I’m gonna be doing a review exclusively here on Hobotastic… yeah, on Hobotastic, so shut yer damn sarcastic trap!  Anyway, it’s a special piece of awesome that I could only do justice for here, where my adjectives can be fully unleashed upon it’s wood-carved shittery. ] – Lemonjuice McGee

Just feast your peepers on that friggin’ mess of a toy!  It made its way to me courtesy of my buddy, and Kidthulhu collaborator, Martin Brandt (creator of Dead Future & other such comics) and is, according to the tag wrapped lovingly around it’s leg, a Transformable Warrior from Fidgetz.  It scores the tagline of “hundreds of possibilities; but it is obviously a blatant falsehood.

Let’s check out this splinter-laden pile of tree corpse, shall we?