Bustin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo: Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Series 1

Nope, these aren’t even close to being the Kenner figures we all remember.  However, they turned out to be better then I expected.  I’ve previewed/reviewed them over at MTV Geek, and while they’re cool toys, I still hope Mattel will give them the DCUC 6″ treatment eventually. They f’n deserve it!

Retro-Action Ghostbusters Review


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  1. So Ernie Hudson tried out for the roll of Winston, and Venkman was voiced by Garfield, then Bill Murray voiced Garfield in the movie. This is getting crazy. I typically don’t like mego-styled figures, but these look like a lot of fun. Don’t think that means I’ll be buying any of them, but I can see the appeal that these would have for some.

    • Yeah, it’s funny how much better these turned out than others. I first thought it might be due to the animated nature of the show, but the Venture Bros. Megos sucked hard cock on a Tuesday.

  2. I think these seem nicer because of the accessories. They appear to be a “better value” than other retro-style figures out there.

    Do you know what accessory Peter comes with?

    • Nope, sure don’t. The SDCC version didn’t have anything other than the proton pack. The fact that he’s Venkman is probably enough for most people to snatch him up.

  3. I think these are pretty awesome. I kinda want to pick ’em all up, but I’m not sure if thats really gonna happen. I don’t collect Mego, and its not like Ghostbusters is one of my favorite properties, but I did enjoy the show as a kid, so these might make a nice addition to my collection. If they were $15 a pop, it would be a much easier sell.

    • I’ve still not seen these at TRU myself, but I imagine Peter and Egon will be the only ones disappearing from the pegs.

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