Randor’s Attack Dogs: MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack

Awesome? Yes.  There’s just no question.  These guys are tough as fuck and come with a ton of extra bits.  Randor must feel like a little bitch everytime he’s around these guards.  Hell, the same probably goes for Man-At-Arms!  Anyway, here’s the link for all my fawning over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack Review


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  1. randor is the opposite of a little bitch. as cool as these dudes are, i bet if randor yelled at them even a little they’d piss their green unitards so hard that hordak would smell it from the terrible dimension of despondos.

    • Yeah, that’s it, defend your king! Randor wears a crown! My King Grayskull didn’t need no fancy schmancy crown for people to know he was in charge! He’d just fuck ’em…rough like! After an hour with K.G., people knew what they were in for!

      • phhht, it’s not randor’s fault that grayskull couldn’t afford a crown. randor, the wise warrior king and father of the most powerful man in the universe, made his kingdom a powerful, prosperous nation on the backs of the various fish, cat and skunk people of eternia.

        people would be offended if randor didn’t wear a crown, because then they’d think maybe he gave some money to a caligar orphanage or something, and that just won’t do for the privileged light hemisphere humans of eternia.

      • Skunk people… man, Eternia is a fucked up place. Can you imagine the friggin’ stink of that joint?!

  2. I finally took to time to actually read your write up, great review. It’s weird that I was completely excited about this set when it was announced at SDCC, but ever since I saw the final design my interest has been declining. Maybe it’s because I really don’t like the Keldor boots (was a little upset when they announced that design change), maybe it’s because I’m trying to be better with my money (probably not that though). For some reason, after every rave review I come away thinking, “cool, but I’m going to pass.”

    Really this probably goes back to me not having anywhere to display figures right now. If I had a shelf dedicated for display (like I used to) I would probably be all over these sexy things.

    • Thanks for checking it out! 🙂

      Yeah, having a place to display figures really helps to keep the excitement over them going. I have lots of them in containers and I almost forget about why I wanted them in the first place until I take them out and set them up.

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