They’ll Steal Your Heart: GLC Black Lanterns

Okay, so I started my Green Lantern Classics reviews, FINALLY!  First up are the 2 Black Lanterns from Series 1, Black Hand and Abin Sur.  However, as pointed out on IAT, the design of the costume is actually that of his son Amon Sur. Confusing, and I feel like an idiot for not catching it, considering how huge a Green Lantern fan I am.  anyway, here’s the link to the review over on MTV Geek:

GLC Black Hand & Amon Abin Sur Review


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  1. How could you do this to me Lemonjuice? I just spend a good two or three minutes reading the review of the same damn figures over at IAT, and you post your review on the same day!? Shame on you, I only have so many two to three minute blocks of time through the day, I can’t spend them all on reading about the same figures.

    On a plus note I liked your pictures.

    • Thanks man. I thought they turned out alright, but getting Abin Sur to stand was kind of aggravating. His balance was way off since I had him all hunched over.

      I’m not in charge of scheduling at MTV Geek. I just turn em in and let God sort em out… and by “God” I mean my editor. 🙂

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