Permanent Plastic Prison: Gray Ghost

[ Mattel has finally done it!  Those genius bastards have created an action figure that I refuse to open! ] – Lemonjuice McGee

As you can see above, that’s a figure of the Gray Ghost!  He first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, so the JLU style this figure is done up in definitely makes sense.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “McGee, you fuckin’ HATE toys that don’t move, so what’s the deal you goddamn sellout?!”.

Well, this figure has a little something special going for it.  Wanna know what it is? Well hit the friggin’ More tab to find out!

The Gray Ghost was always one of my favorite characters from the show, and sadly never got the action figure treatment in the original line.  He was like Batman, but wore sweet goggles like Mr. Freeze… what’s not to like about that?!  Yep, this fedora-sportin’  detective solves crimes the old fashioned way: with his f’n fists!  No Batmobile or exploding Batarangs for the Gray Ghost, no sir!  The Gray Ghost chugs down gin, smokes sweet cigars, hits on random women, and… wait that’s me.  Nevermind.  The Gray Ghost IS cool though.

He looks to have the same articulation as the rest of the JLU line; however, I’ll never truly know since I will not be tearing into this toy like I do all the others.   The reason for that is due to the packaging.  While he’s been put onto this special card that Mattel sent out as a holiday gift to various toy blogs and vendors, that’s not what’s keepin’ him chained up in that plastic coffin.  Nope, it has everything to do with those little black scribbles at the bottom of the cardback.

That’s a goddamn bonafide Bruce Timm autograph!  Yep, that’s Bruce Timm, creator of practically every piece of DC animation for the past decade or so.  He’s also the innovator of the “Bruce Timm Style” that is often imitated by most other animation houses as often as possible.  His name written on the back of this package has certainly sealed the Gray Ghost’s fate.

Here’s a closer look at the message on the back.  I meant to get this thing photographed earlier, but that obviously didn’t happen.  This really isn’t much of a review, but I figured you guys might like to see this thing for yourselves.  As of right now, The Gray Ghost has been released in a Target exclusive 3 pack with Batman and the Joker.  I’ve not heard of people finding it on the pegs yet, but Target isn’t exactly known for their great distribution practices either.


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  1. Thanks for sharing… And making me jealously envy you, you f’n motherf&cker.

    • motherf&cker… what does that even mean?! Ohhhhh, now I get it. Bastard! 🙂

      • He is badass, though. I always loved the fact that Adam West voiced him on the show.

  2. That’s a pretty great score. I remember the first time I was introduced to the Gray Ghost, watching Batman TAS at 4:00 after school with my usual bowl of crunch berries. I immediately connected with the character, as I’ve always loved pulp comic type figures.
    Ever since I saw that episode I refuse to leave the house without wearing my gray fedora and goggles. The best thing is that they truly go with everything.

    • Plus, they give you that added air of mystery that brings all the boys to the yard.

  3. Got one also and it sits in my office proudly!

  4. Wow, that looks cool, unlike every single other JLU figure 😛

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