Got Crabs… Crabmasks?: GLC Kyle Rayner

“Kiss the ring motherflippers!”

That Kyle Rayner, such a jive-talkin’ pimp!  Women line up to get tossed in his fridge, if you know what I’m talkin’ about!  Well, if you wanna know more about what I’m saying, then head on over to MTV Geek and check out my review of Kyle:

Green Lantern Classics Kyle Rayner Review


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  1. I’ve passed on this guy several times now, but after reading your review I’m really tempted to get him. He’s really the only figure from the first series I want, just to add some more characters to my GL team. I also thought his construct was a bit iffy, but you’ve convinced me that I’ll like it.

    I didn’t realize that Kyle was originally to have the double hinged joints. Personally I prefer the look of the regular elbows and knees, and I bought the DCUC Blue Beetle to check out the new articulation and was very disappointed in the soft plastic used. So I might get him next time I see him.

    Da, boom boom boom, Da dada, boom boom boom, brakkatakaa! Those are the pounding drums that are a prelude to my Vikor arriving this afternoon.

    • Glad my influence over you is almost complete. Soon I will trick you into stealing food for me go about my business as usual. Yes…as usual.

      Black hand has the double articulation and his plastic doesn’t seem to rubbery. I’ve not opened Robin yet, but he appears to be rather “bendy” in the package.

      Congrats on the Vikor!

  2. Vikor is awesome, and he loves me. The only problem I have is that his head did not want to be pushed all the way down on the peg, and I noticed that the peg is not a normal barbell shaped piece of plastic, instead the part inside the neck is a ring which looks like it could easily break if the head is tight.

    So we just took an extra hot bath to heat up the head, and push it down on the neck to a position which I liked (if it is all the way down he looks like he has no neck), and after we toweled off and we both cooled down the head easily pops on and off without me thinking I’ll break anything.

    • Informative… and erotic.

  3. Thanks, Clark. You’ve given me something else to look forward to when my Vikor arrives.

  4. LOL, that was like reading a review of a brown paper bag. It’s nice, it can be used for stuff, I don’t have an undying hatred of it, LMAO

    • That’s praise by the way!

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