Zippered Mask & Leather Gloves: DCUC Bane

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 will be hitting pegs soon, and is already in a lot of collector’s hands.  Here’s my review of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane.  He’s like a giant criminally-inclined luchadore that managed to stomp a mudhole in Batman… once. Of course, that’s more times than most villains can claim, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Oh, and the figure is very, very nice.

A Back Breaking Review of DCUC Bane


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  1. I just have never been able to like Bane. I don’t like the big, hulky type of villains who are just strong and stupid, and never do anything for stories except “one time they hurt the hero” stuff. I hope we don’t have to endure another Bane on screen in any of the upcoming Batman films.

    • Sooo… you’ve not heard the news then? Bane is kinda sorta the main villain in the Dark Knight Rises…

      • Actually, I don’t have anything against Bane, and I’m pretty excited about it. I really like that he is a great strategist and not just a fist pounder, and I’m sure that’s the direction Nolan will go with him too.
        I am a bit concerned about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, but since I felt the same way about Ledger as the Joker before I saw the movie then I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
        This is a really cool looking figure. I’ve got the DCSH version, but not a whole lot of use for him. I just don’t see me buying this whole wave, except for Hex, Az-bat, probably Robin, and maybe Mercury. So I guess I’ll start checking ebay to see what completed Bane figures are going for. I’m bet he’ll start off in the next month at about $50-60, and in three months you can get him for $30.

      • I prefer the Anti-Batman version of Bane as well. I’d say your spot-on about the aftermarket price, but the upcoming film could affect that somewhat with non-collectors.

        Wave 16 is probably the first one I’ve been truly excited about for a while. Granted the Creeper isn’t one of my favorites, but I even dig the old style Riddler. Hex and Robin (with the 70’s/80’s smiling head) are my definite favorites. It helps that I can talk about chugging whiskey in Jonah’s review and it’s perfectly acceptable and expected. 🙂

  2. Are you going to be doing any reviews for the single figures from this wave? I went ahead and ordered a Jonah Hex, since amazon was offering their free amazon prime trial. I’ve really been cutting down on my action figure purchases, and after getting Kyle Rayner I don’t know if I can buy another figure that uses this body, although Kyle is a very good figure. As long as they have unique characters like Hex coming along then I can see myself getting those, but double jointed knees and elbows bug me.

    • I have some in the works for this wave. I’m still swamped from Toy Fair, so I’m trying to play catch up at the moment. Hex is very cool, but I wish his shoulders had more movement.

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