Feathers N’ Fins: DCUC vs. MOTUC Series 2

Mattel has recently released the 2nd series of DC Universe Classics VS. Masters of the Universe Classics 2 packs to Toys R’ Us stores.  While none of the characters are exactly favorites of mine, they do match up well when it comes to their water lovin’ or flying personas.  I really like the Mer-Man variant, and the Aquaman is top notch. The peg-warming pack here will definitely be the Hawkman and Stratos pack although their both nice figures.  There’s just something about Stratos that I hate…it’s gotta be that face… Anyway, check out my picture-heavy review at the link below:

DCUC vs. MOTUC Seris 2 Review


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  1. Aquaman is really the only reason I want to buy one of these packs. I’ve started to care less and less for MOTUC. As much as I love Vikor, I just don’t care anymore. Too much money. I’ll probably try to get BA Skeletor, but if I can’t then no big deal. Glad you got these, and that they all had the right parts in the right places.

    • Yeah, that in itself was amazing. No loose parts either. I was kind of disappointed with the new plastic used for Hawkman’s wings. It’s not nearly as rigid as the original’s.

  2. Gosh, I’m pissed at Mattel. Here I am ready to resign from the MOTUC line, then they show two TRU two packs that I want (I need that Hal Jordan, and dig Zodac with Keldor’s boots, plus I need She-ra and don’t have a version of Supergirl yet). On top of that they show off Clawful, gold bikini Teela, and Man-E-Faces. Fuck them……I need a new job to afford all of these.

    • Did you see The Faceless One? He’s friggin’ amazing!

      • Yeah I saw him. I hope he is an indication that we might get an Evil-lyn released in her 200x colors. I skipped her, but would have to get her if she was released to match her daddy.

  3. Picked up the Aquaman Merman pack today, they had two of each pack. They have all the right parts and Aquaman is great. I like the blue Merman more than I thought I would but I can’t yet guarantee he isn’t destined for ebay. Stratos sucks balls, not because I purchased him or anything, just looking at him in the store reaffirmed that for me.

    • Glad you finally found them! I still haven’t seen them at ant TRU I frequent.

      Stratos shall forever have a dusty place on the back of my MOTUC shelves…. all hairy and weaponless.

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