Escape with Alcatraz: NECA Toys’ Crysis 2 Nanosuit

This figure was one of the few purchases I made while in New York City for Toy Fair.  After seeing him up close at the NECA booth on Sunday, I had to have him!  I reviewed him over at MTV Geek! since they were cool enough to fly me out for the show in the first place… plus they pay me, and a hobos gotta eat!  Click the link for all the ramblings and some pics that I’m pretty partial to as well.

MTV Geek! Crysis 2 Nanosuit Review


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  1. This really seems like a great figure, and he is a decent price too. I just find the character design really boring. He gives me a real Lord Zedd vibe, and maybe that’s why I don’t like this guy (never was a Power Rangers fan).
    I am really glad that NECA is keeping their player select line in the action figure market, and not the slightly poseable statue market. However, I feel like I need to support NECA. TMNT, Street Fighter IV, and their Ninja Gaiden figures all are incredible. So just based on the goodwill NECA has built with me I might pick this guy up.

  2. This guy and the Vault Guardsman from MU freak me the hell out! They’re like skinned commandos in metal thongs.

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