Back from the Dead!… and Toy Fair.

My neglect for this little blog is now paramount to abuse!  Really, only 4 updates the entire month of February?! Cripes, I’ve been a lazy fuck!  Well, lazy in the way that I’ve been up to my ears in toy posts for MTV Geek thanks to the spectacle that was The 2011 American International Toy Fair!  Yep, I made the trek to New York City, interviewed and met a bunch of people, hung out at the MTV Geek offices, and avoided being robbed and/or molested.

Instead of making a post for each of the billion articles and video interviews, I’m just gonna put up a link list here to some of them.  A new review or two will be popping up on here exclusively as well in the next week, so stay tuned!  Hit the “More” tab for the link list pals-o-mine!

Walking Dead Figures with Todd McFarlane Interview

Upcoming DCUC Crime Syndicate Figures w/ Cornboy of The Four Horsemen

New MOTUC Figures w/ Eric Treadaway of The Four Horsemen

Behan Maul Showing Off  The New ThunderCats Figures

Lego Millennium Falcon

Hasbro’s Marvel Universe Figures

Toy Guru Dishes on Green Lantern Movie Toys

Along with all of the great toys, I was lucky enough to meet up with quite a few other toy bloggers.  It was cool to finally put a face and real name to the internet monikers.  I’ll be writing up a full account for MTV Geek! soon, and I’ll give my shout-outs then.


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  1. That’s unfortunate, getting robbed and or molested is one of my favorite things about visiting NY, I always come back with an interesting story. Also, I’m surprised you were able to get such a good picture in front of Optimus Prime. I figured any shot you got would have to be with 6 more people standing getting their mugs on camera too (if you ever tried to get a good picture of the Wall Street Bull then you know what I’m talking about).

    • Oh, it was a feeding frenzy for Optimus pics at first; but, as the the line started forming to get into Hasbro’s showroom, the big bastard got freed up. Didn’t hurt that we had the rest of our Geek team holding our spot in line…

  2. I love the black-clad guy wearing a trenchcoat and wide-brim hat in the background, that guy is totally a mobster.

    And check you out all pimped-out in a nylon jacket!

    That’s nylon right? Can Hobos afford leather? 😀

    • It’s actually tanned baby hides. Don’t get upset though, they were just orphans.

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