B.A. Skeletor: Battle Armored & Bad Ass-er

Battle Armor He-Man was one of the very first reviews I ever did for this site.  Looking at the two side by side, the cussing has fallen away (thanks to requirements for high-falutin’ network stuff) but my photography has definitely been upped.  Anyway, I really dig this Skeletor figure who is one of the Quarterly Bonus Figures for Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Here’s the link to my review:

MTV Geek! Battle Armor Skeletor Review


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  1. I’ll probably try to get this figure, which will be the last MOTUC figure I want until we see Clawful. I actually don’t like BA He-man that much, so I’m a little hesitant to get this one, but I think I’ll have to get him since the BA versions of these characters were all I had as a kid.
    Also, purple is not feminine. It’s probably the most masculine color we can have. Blue is known as signifying boy, or male (pink for girls), and red is the color of passion, blood, and war. Put them together and you have the most masculine violent color around: purple.

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