Bow Down to Bow!: MOTUC’s Bow Review

Check out that sweet porn-stache!  Mustache rides for everybody!  Yes, here’s my review for Bow from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  I wrote this up right before Toy Fair, but due to the massive tsunami of TF news plus even more reviews, this guy fell into the shuffle.  However, now he’s “out” in all his glory!


MTV Geek! MOTUC Bow Review


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  1. I’m sure he’s a great figure, I just have no interest in him. I unfortunately purchased Orko and Adam, and now have nothing to do with either of them, but the only reason I would want Bow is so I can recreate this classic scene from She-Ra on my shelf.

    • Ha! Shelf or bathtub?!

      • Well Prince Adam and I have already role played this scene a few times, but if I had Bow then I could just watch.

  2. I really, really, really wish I hadn’t read those comments xD

    • Clark… has a way with toys. An ungodly way. 🙂

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