Shocker Toys’ Motherf**kin’ Maxx!

While this figure has been out for a while, I just scored one recently at the 2011 Toy Fair from Shocker Toys themselves.  It was the display model, so I’m missing a few accessories; but, the inherent coolness of The Maxx still shines through.  Check out the review, and while you’re there, feel free to watch the complete The Maxx Animated Series on the site… for FREE!

MTV Geek! Maxx Action Figure Review


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  1. I’ve got to rewatch The Maxx! I also wish I had gotten one of these dudes, I may have to stalk eBay for a while to find him at a decent price!

    • He’s definitely a fun toy. I’m thinking about stalking ebay myself to pick up one of the old McFarlane versions too.

  2. My wonderful wife was willing to pick one of these up for me when they were on sale for $14 at a store called Hastings. She even looked for the one with the best paint job, I gotta love her.
    Anyway, this is a really cool figure. I love how the balljoints and swivel joints work together to give us a well articulated figure, although he’s rotocast.

    • Hastings is where I find my Shocker stuff too. They generally stock some odd-ball toy choices for a media

  3. When he came out in issue number 1 it was one of the best comics out there.

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