Zippered Mask & Leather Gloves: DCUC Bane

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 will be hitting pegs soon, and is already in a lot of collector’s hands.  Here’s my review of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane.  He’s like a giant criminally-inclined luchadore that managed to stomp a mudhole in Batman… once. Of course, that’s more times than most villains can claim, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Oh, and the figure is very, very nice.

A Back Breaking Review of DCUC Bane


Crystar – The magic of Bling?

[Here’s a brand new review from Novelty Nostalgia of Toy a Day. It’s actually a pretty straight-forward deal, so no death threats this time around. – Lemonjuice McGee]

That crazy hobo has gone on a power trip, moving all content off this blog to that other site.  Blegh.  This site now looks and feels like those adverts scrawled at truck rest stops – you know, the type that says “whore for hire, will suck for money” graffiti on the doors of the cubicle.  So, I’m hoping that I (and just in case you are wondering, I here happens to be Novelty, from Toy a Day) can bribe Lemonjuice back here with some bling, or in this case, The Magic of Crystal…


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Now, don’t Ghostfreak out!

[ Today we’re graced with another guest-spot by Novelty of Toy A Day. You all know the drill: 1. He insults me in some way that borders on lust. 2. I generally berate and/or threaten him with violence. Welcome to the show, folks! – Lemonjuice McGee ]

If you haven’t already figured out, this is Novelty.  It’s October, and back on Toy A Day, we’re celebrating Monster October with a Ben 10 Alien monster Fortnight.  This week I’m showcasing some of Ben’s original 10 aliens, and since I know Lemonjuice is a freak in more ways than one, [That’s kind of a given. – LJ ] I thought I’d introduce him to THE Ghostfreak.


Punching & F***ing: Marvel Legends Punisher

[ Articulated Discussion is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment, and Dr. Nightmare knows just how much we appreciate mass murderers around here; so, he sent over this sweet review.  Sorry for the lack of donkey-punching and heroin-fueled tirades that usually fill his writing on here. – Lemonjuice McGee ]


Brown thing, green thing, Swamp Thing

[ Here is another guest review from Novelty of Toy a Day.  It is so full of vile insanity and threats against his life that I wouldn’t even post the damn thing… but it’s about Swamp Thing, so it gets a pass. He doesn’t even mention the figure in the opener cause he’s too busy talkin’ smack. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

Hey all, it’s your friendly neighborhood toy reviewer, Novelty, from Toy a Day.  The other day I had to take a leak in Lemonjuice‘s outhouse and lemme tell you that was a huge mistake.  There were… things… everywhere.  And I’m not just talking about Lemonjuice’s thing.  So be forewarned the next time you visit his boxcar.  I would suggest doing it in the bushes instead. [ Forget to mention this is a toy review for Swamp Thing?! Way to go! – LJ ]


ExoBlog #1: Peter Tanaka

[ Ah, and my squad of combat-ready nogoodniks grows a little larger with new contributor D. Verburg! He’s on loan from Broca Blutch, but I’m not returning him. I share with no one! NO ONE! Lemonjuice McGee ]

I am new here at the Hobotastic toy review, but that is okay because Lemonjuice and I drink the same kind of gin (Pine-Sol) because we are kindred spirits. I usually write for another even less-reputable website named Broca Blutch, but I feel like this feature teeters too close to the edge of being “useful information” to be posted on that blog. After a generous swig of Pine-Sol (and a generous VHS tape of 90s Pine-Sol commercials, that big sassy lady… hubba hubba!) Lemonjuice agreed to my proposal.

Simply put, I want to archive my ExoSquad collection, since information on one of the best toylines ever is pretty scarce. Let’s start with freedom fighter and Earthman Peter Tanaka, who fights his Neosapien oppressors with the #JDF-731 Samurai E-Frame!


WWE Legends, Jake “The Snake” Roberts

[ I know there haven’t been a lot of updates on here; but, that’s just cause I got somethin’ HUGE to announce soon. In the meantime here’s a guest review ta keep you bums happy. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

Hello, hobos! I’m 3B from Killer B Hive with a guest review today as part of Blog Mash Bash. Several months ago Lemonjuice cordially invited me to contribute anything I wanted to his fantastic site and now after a few comics for Hobo-Toons over the past couple of weeks, I’ve decided to post a toy review. However, I know the figures that come around these parts aren’t the G-rated, kiddie type, so to do justice to the debauchery regularly displayed in Lemonjuice’s playground, I found a dastardly, deviant figure to review. Who better than a legend in the world of professional wrestling? It’s none other than Jake “The Snake” Roberts!


Hobo-Toons: Peeping Tom-Klops

[ 3B, of Killer B Hive, has become a staple around here with these cartoons.  However, this was a kinda-sorta  collaboration. Which means that with our combined might we can…well, we can make toys into perverts, that’s what! – Lemonjuice McGee ]

They made a figure of Lemonjuice and called it The Tramp?

[ You are about to read something that doesn’t usually appear on this site.  Novelty has written a guest-blog in which I do NOT threaten to have him raped with broken glass. Possibly because the figure he’s reviewing is so f’n amazing that women (and men) everywhere would rub it on their genitals if given half a chance.  How do I know?  Cause it’s a figure of ME… sort of. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

I couldn’t believe my eyes as well. There in front of me was a figure of Lemonjuice McGee. Of course, they could neither call it Lemonjuice or Hobotastic due to copyright reasons, hence that’s why there’s the generic name “The Tramp” on the figure. I’m Novelty from Toy A Day, and you’re reading this review of Dick Tracy‘s The Tramp aka Lemonjuice McGee.


Hobo-Toons: Venkman’s Little Helper

[ Sleeping in the sewers is NOT a good idea. Those rats just don’t joke around… Anyway, enjoy another pants-pissing edition of Hobo-Toons brought to us once again by 3b of Killer B Hive!  I’ll have more reviews posted just as soon as I can free myself from this swarm of teeth and fur. – Lemonjuice McGee ]