Crystar – The magic of Bling?

[Here’s a brand new review from Novelty Nostalgia of Toy a Day. It’s actually a pretty straight-forward deal, so no death threats this time around. – Lemonjuice McGee]

That crazy hobo has gone on a power trip, moving all content off this blog to that other site.  Blegh.  This site now looks and feels like those adverts scrawled at truck rest stops – you know, the type that says “whore for hire, will suck for money” graffiti on the doors of the cubicle.  So, I’m hoping that I (and just in case you are wondering, I here happens to be Novelty, from Toy a Day) can bribe Lemonjuice back here with some bling, or in this case, The Magic of Crystal…


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Old Timey Toys: Marvel Legends Nightcrawler

Today’s alcohol-fueled fever dream has got me reminiscing about Toy BizMarvel Legends.  Those figures were pretty much the pinnacle of comic book-based figure collecting.  Hell, a LOT of people will tell you that they still haven’t been surpassed.  In a lot of ways they’d be right, but in a lot of ways they can go to hell!  Today we’re lookin’ at Nightcrawler.  He’s got 5 points of articulation in each foot!  I don’t think I even have that much movement in my own foot, what after the frostbite debacle of 89 and the ax incident of 97…


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Ram Man’s Hobotastic Journey

Hey everyone! Wes GRogan here from Is It Fun?, slumming it once again (Thanks to the ol’ Blog Mash Bash!) with Lemonjuice McGee’s Antiques Road Show. What? What do you mean it’s not an antiques show? Boxcars? What the hell would I want a box car?

<15 minutes later>

Uhm… so I’ve been told that this is supposed to be a review rather than a swap meet, but all I have is this Ram Man from the original run of Masters of the Universe, so you’re just going to have to settle for that, darn it all.  I picked this guy up from the fantastic toy site, Dinosaur Toy Vault, and got him for a song. Which song you’ll never know, but it was a good one with a catchy beat and a nice bass line.