POGS: The Most Dangerous Game

[ Nope, this isn’t a review. It IS however, a pretty hilarious piece about the uprising (and quick downfall) of POGS, by Articulated Discussion‘s own Dr. Nightmare.  Read it and laugh, and laugh, and vomit a little, and then laugh some more. – Lemonjuice McGee]

You know what the problem with kids is nowadays? Aside from their parents not being allowed to beat them anymore? They, and most of urban America (you pansies), have lost their competitive nature (unless they have a psycho football coach for a dad that secretly beats them at home with a broken bottle of hooch when they don’t win a game, of course). It leads to more fat kids, more sloths on the playground in the halls for us non-fat people to avoid while running around the track or to our next class because we’re NOT fucking lazy.

For a brief moment in the ’90s, pogs changed all that ass-laggery.