DCUC Robin: Feet? Who Needs Em?!

Tragedy strikes!  Yep, I had some serious QC issues with Robin.  Unlike King Hssss, these kinds of quality issues are NOT acceptable and came at the price of the Boy Wonder’s life!  Not only did he lose his feet like an elderly diabetic cake-lover, but his head too came off in quick fashion.  However, the figure is pretty friggin’ great as my love of the original Super Powers toy is through the roof, so I bought another one… and still reviewed him favorably.  Honestly, there’s just no denying how much I like this figure.  Not a sellout, just a sucker for scaled panties and elf shoes!

Here’s the review:

MTV Geek! Wave 16 DCUC Robin Review

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Zippered Mask & Leather Gloves: DCUC Bane

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 will be hitting pegs soon, and is already in a lot of collector’s hands.  Here’s my review of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane.  He’s like a giant criminally-inclined luchadore that managed to stomp a mudhole in Batman… once. Of course, that’s more times than most villains can claim, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Oh, and the figure is very, very nice.

A Back Breaking Review of DCUC Bane

Brains & Brawn…but mostly Brawn: DCUC Validus

Validus. That’s right, I built him. Suck on that Legion, your deaths await!  I managed to grab up DCUC Wave 15 during the sweet K-Mart sale a couple of weeks ago, and so this brainy-freak was born unto me.  Check out my review over at MTV Geek!

DCUC Collect & Connect Validus Review

JACKin’ It All KNIGHT: DCUC Starman

Damn, I’m proud of that title! Gaze upon it for a moment longer… and then read the review over on MTV Geek!, cause it makes me feel happy without requiring any gin and/or dead hookers.

DCUC Modern Starman Review

I’m going on record right now that this is one of my favorite DCUC figures in the line so far.  Disagree? Well, you can eat a cock state your case in the Comments.

DCUC Raven: Robin’s Lil Lolita

Raven is notable for one reason: She was my first experiment with using a solid “backdrop” for my photos. Sure I’ve crammed figures in the dirt, smashed them up against trees, tossed them haphazardly into the streets; but, this was my first time doing something that practically every other toy photographer does.  I doubt I’ll use it too often, as I prefer the “real life” shots I take.  Anyway, Raven’s review is up over on MTV Geek!, so here’s the link as usual:

DCUC Raven Review

On a side note, I’m currently planning a new review for this site, which will go down as the most brutally nasty piece of action figure reviewing filth I have ever unleashed upon the world! Get excited, people!…and be afraid.

DCUC Battle of the Aliens!

I’m still reviewing DCUC Wave 15 over on MTV Geek!, and this review is an all-out extra-terrestrial battle for the title of “Best Bald-Headed Color-Coded Alien Bastard“!

Martian Manhunter VS. Jemm Son of Saturn Review

To the winner goes the spoils…and the Oreos!

Yellow like the night?: DCUC Sinestro Corps Batman

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 is actually becoming pretty easy to score at the local K-Marts. I reviewed Mr. Wayne over on MTV Geek!, so check it out:

Sinestro Corps Batman Review

Oh, and I’d like to also note that this is my 100th post…and it’s a link. Shit. Not very eventful, I know. Thanks for reading and being a pal!


Lemonjuice McGee

Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Metallic Hal Jordan

Green Lantern. That’s all I’m gonna have to tag this post with for it to get a zillion hits.  Pretty soon us nerdy real Green Lantern fans will feel crapped upon by the million johnny-come-latelys that will be rallying around the Ryan Reynolds flick (I’m also looking forward to it like a blathering idiot.).  For now though, us comic junkies are still rewarded with (mostly) comic-accurate versions of Hal Jordan, the best damn Green Lantern of Earth. Oh, you like Kyle…wanna fight about it?!  Where’s my drink?  It’s time for a review by gawd!

This right here is the newest release from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics Toys R’ Usexclusive repaints.  Read on suckas and learn all about what I think of this space cop!


Radiation and Band-Aids: DCUC Negative Man

Doom Patrol baby!  That’s right!  Negative Man is the 2nd member (Robotman was the first) to be released through Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics line of figures.  He’s spewing radiation and wrapped up like a mummy, so let’s get this review started!


DCUC Katma Tui: Green, Pink, and Dead

Katma Tui replaced Sinestro on the Green Lantern Corps after he went all bat-shit crazy.  She soon fell in love with fellow GL John Stewart and things were going hunky-dory…til she was murdered.  Recently, she was brought back as an undead killing machine during DC‘s Blackest Night event, and now here she is in action figure form courtesy of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.  Oh, and her name sounds like you’re spitting a big pile of phlegm onto some unsuspecting passer-by.