Back from the Dead!… and Toy Fair.

My neglect for this little blog is now paramount to abuse!  Really, only 4 updates the entire month of February?! Cripes, I’ve been a lazy fuck!  Well, lazy in the way that I’ve been up to my ears in toy posts for MTV Geek thanks to the spectacle that was The 2011 American International Toy Fair!  Yep, I made the trek to New York City, interviewed and met a bunch of people, hung out at the MTV Geek offices, and avoided being robbed and/or molested.

Instead of making a post for each of the billion articles and video interviews, I’m just gonna put up a link list here to some of them.  A new review or two will be popping up on here exclusively as well in the next week, so stay tuned!  Hit the “More” tab for the link list pals-o-mine!


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Brains & Brawn…but mostly Brawn: DCUC Validus

Validus. That’s right, I built him. Suck on that Legion, your deaths await!  I managed to grab up DCUC Wave 15 during the sweet K-Mart sale a couple of weeks ago, and so this brainy-freak was born unto me.  Check out my review over at MTV Geek!

DCUC Collect & Connect Validus Review

JACKin’ It All KNIGHT: DCUC Starman

Damn, I’m proud of that title! Gaze upon it for a moment longer… and then read the review over on MTV Geek!, cause it makes me feel happy without requiring any gin and/or dead hookers.

DCUC Modern Starman Review

I’m going on record right now that this is one of my favorite DCUC figures in the line so far.  Disagree? Well, you can eat a cock state your case in the Comments.

DCUC M.O.H.A.W.K….errr, I mean O.M.A.C.

The DCUC Wave 15 reviews roll on over at MTV Geek!, and this time its for OMAC! That mohawk really speaks for itself, and it mostly says stuff like,”I’m gonna crush your punk-ass face and then go bang your wife!”.  Damn uppity hairdo!


DCUC Battle of the Aliens!

I’m still reviewing DCUC Wave 15 over on MTV Geek!, and this review is an all-out extra-terrestrial battle for the title of “Best Bald-Headed Color-Coded Alien Bastard“!

Martian Manhunter VS. Jemm Son of Saturn Review

To the winner goes the spoils…and the Oreos!

Yellow like the night?: DCUC Sinestro Corps Batman

DC Universe Classics Wave 15 is actually becoming pretty easy to score at the local K-Marts. I reviewed Mr. Wayne over on MTV Geek!, so check it out:

Sinestro Corps Batman Review

Oh, and I’d like to also note that this is my 100th post…and it’s a link. Shit. Not very eventful, I know. Thanks for reading and being a pal!


Lemonjuice McGee

Hobo-Toons: Its Length AND Girth!

[ Welcome to the second installment of Hobo-Toons! Once again, 3B of Killer B Hive has sent me a hilarious cartoon. Its nice having the site that scores all the leftover filth. – Lemonjuice McGee ]

Radiation and Band-Aids: DCUC Negative Man

Doom Patrol baby!  That’s right!  Negative Man is the 2nd member (Robotman was the first) to be released through Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics line of figures.  He’s spewing radiation and wrapped up like a mummy, so let’s get this review started!


DCUC Katma Tui: Green, Pink, and Dead

Katma Tui replaced Sinestro on the Green Lantern Corps after he went all bat-shit crazy.  She soon fell in love with fellow GL John Stewart and things were going hunky-dory…til she was murdered.  Recently, she was brought back as an undead killing machine during DC‘s Blackest Night event, and now here she is in action figure form courtesy of Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.  Oh, and her name sounds like you’re spitting a big pile of phlegm onto some unsuspecting passer-by.


DCUC Manbat: He’s a Man AND a Bat…

…pretty simple explanation right?  Who cares that he’s a scientist named Kirk Langstrom that accidentally (depending on the version) turned himself into this monstrosity?  Tragic villains are for pussies! He’s a big-ass bat, and that’s all you need to know!  This is my pathetically fashionably late review of Manbat from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics.