Bow Down to Bow!: MOTUC’s Bow Review

Check out that sweet porn-stache!  Mustache rides for everybody!  Yes, here’s my review for Bow from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics figures.  I wrote this up right before Toy Fair, but due to the massive tsunami of TF news plus even more reviews, this guy fell into the shuffle.  However, now he’s “out” in all his glory!


MTV Geek! MOTUC Bow Review


B.A. Skeletor: Battle Armored & Bad Ass-er

Battle Armor He-Man was one of the very first reviews I ever did for this site.  Looking at the two side by side, the cussing has fallen away (thanks to requirements for high-falutin’ network stuff) but my photography has definitely been upped.  Anyway, I really dig this Skeletor figure who is one of the Quarterly Bonus Figures for Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Here’s the link to my review:

MTV Geek! Battle Armor Skeletor Review

The Tallest Jawa of Them All!: MOTUC Preternia He-Man

Preternia He-Man is this year’s Matty Collector Subscription-Exclusive, and I just so happen to have one (nevermind how).  I reviewed this time travelin’ warrior over on MTV Geek! and here’s the link to check it out:

MTV Geek! Preternia He-Man Review

Personally, I really, really like the figure.  I’m not sure why… maybe because it’s an obscure version of the hero, but I think I might actually dig it more than the regular version!  Of course, I could just be out of my head on model airplane glue.  You be the judge!

Randor’s Attack Dogs: MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack

Awesome? Yes.  There’s just no question.  These guys are tough as fuck and come with a ton of extra bits.  Randor must feel like a little bitch everytime he’s around these guards.  Hell, the same probably goes for Man-At-Arms!  Anyway, here’s the link for all my fawning over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Eternian Palace Guards 2 Pack Review

The Most Violent of All The Unicorns: MOTUC Shadow Beast

Have you been jonesin’ for a gorilla/monster/unicorn hybrid for your toy collection? Well, your motherflippin’ chance to procure the Shadow Beast is comin’ up in February over on Matty Collector.  This bastard doesn’t do much, but he sure as Hell looks intimidating on the shelf.  Check out my Preview/Review over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Shadow Beast Review

What is best in life?: MOTUC Vikor, that’s what!

FUCK and YES! Vikor has made his way into the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and the world can rejoice!  I wrote up a preview/review over at MTV Geek, which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the guy… minus all the pure, unadulterated profanity. Yes, Vikor’s coolness is quite swear-worthy.  Anyway, here’s the link:

MOTUC Vikor Review

Tools of the Trade: MOTUC Weapon Pak II

I smoothly managed to let this thing slip through the cracks.  I had the Weapon Pak photographed for a while, but all these other friggin’ awesome toys kept cropping up! Anyway, the review is up over at MTV Geek, so click on the link, if you’d be so kind, and show this thing a little love.  Cause it’s kind of embarassing, really.

MOTUC Weapon Pak II Review

Matted Fur & Hidden Junk: MOTUC Grizzlor

This mess of fur and fangs turned out to be a much cooler figure than I had anticipated.  I still can’t understand the thought process behind giving him so many weapons.  sure, that’s how the Staction appeared; but big damn deal! This guy looks a shit-load more savage and threatening when he’s empty-handed… just like cracked-out hooker when she’s cornered in an alley; you just know she’s gonna take out your eyes one way or another!

Anyway, the review is up at MTV Geek, so click the link and check it out:

Ferocious & Furry: MOTUC Grizzlor Review

Oh, and while we’re at it: Did any of you brave the Matty Cyber Monday Sale? Care to chat about it? I missed out on Battle Cat again…this time due to sheer laziness. He-man is gonna be pissed when I tell him that he’ll just have to keep walking to the liquor store…

Ponytails & Power Swords: MOTUC King Grayskull

What a fuckin’ tough-guy!  Good thing Grayskull bit it a long time ago, cause he’d crap himself with horror if he had to witness Prince Adam carrying around his sword.

If you wanna see more of the re-issued King Grayskull, hop on over to MTV Geek and peruse my senseless ramblings along with a couple of shaky photographs.

MOTUC King Grayskull Review

Cogs N’ Controversy: MOTUC Roboto

Backward shoulders, schmackward shoulders! This guys still alright. I reviewed this chess-playing monstrosity over on MTV Geek! so check it out dammit!

MOTUC Roboto Review

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