Escape with Alcatraz: NECA Toys’ Crysis 2 Nanosuit

This figure was one of the few purchases I made while in New York City for Toy Fair.  After seeing him up close at the NECA booth on Sunday, I had to have him!  I reviewed him over at MTV Geek! since they were cool enough to fly me out for the show in the first place… plus they pay me, and a hobos gotta eat!  Click the link for all the ramblings and some pics that I’m pretty partial to as well.

MTV Geek! Crysis 2 Nanosuit Review


A very NECA Christmas: Greg Horn Interview

I recently interviewed Greg Horn (the go-to cover artist for Marvel‘s sexy ladies, and DC‘s Blackest Night zombies) about his recent Christmas tree.  It’s made entirely of Neca‘s Nightmare Before Christmas figures, and is quite rad.  Check that shit out at the link below from MTV Geek:

Greg Horn’s Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

Neca’s TMNT: Heroes in a F@#*$in’ Halfshell

4 turtles, bred for ass-kickery, and reviewed by yours truly at MTV Geek.  Here’s the link so you can eyeball these ninjas for yourself:

MTV Geek Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Review

Cowabunga bitches! Cowabunga…

A Big-Ass Knife: Falconer Predator

Welcome to the jungle baby. You’re gonna DIE!” – Axel Rose

When I hear the word “predator”, images of creepy old men waiting outside of a playground come to mind.  However, for most of you guys, I’m sure Danny Glover running across rooftops and battling an alien batter you psyche…or perhaps Schwarzenegger covered in mud and brandishing a spear.  Either way, it’s not very desirable.

Today I’m checking out the Falconer Predator from Neca‘s line of figures based off the Predators movie.


Cocky Swagger & A Dirty Thumb: SF4’s Ken

Ken Masters is a dick.  That’s right, he’s an arrogant douche.  C’mon, the dude is bangin’ Guile‘s sister!  Yet, despite that (or most likely because of it) I always choose him as my fighter whenever I play StreetFighter 4.  Today we’ll be checking out the action figure version of Ken from Neca‘s SF4 line. This one is an “exclusive” version, although I’ve seen this smirking shithead just about everywhere.


Lock & Load: Army of Two’s Salem

I’ll freely admit that I’ve never played Army Of  TWO, or it’s sequel.  However, that didn’t stop me from dropping some sweat-stained dollars on this figure of Salem.  He comes courtesy of Neca‘s Player Select line of figures, and is pretty f’n amazing…except for the lack of leg articulation.  I’ve had absolutely no sleep and my blood-alcohol rating is well below my preferred rating, so be prepared for more pictures than words on this one…


Neca’s Dante: The Devil is in the Details

Sometimes when I’m trashed on paint thinner and Drain-o, the Devil appears and chases me to the county line.  He screams something about collecting on a debt or some such, and I always end up having to fight him off with incantations and a rusty broadsword.  That being said, it’s nice to have a little back-up in the form of Dante from Neca‘s Player Select line of figures.


The amazing web-slinger… no, not Spiderman… who’s this Webstor?

Hey all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day and this week, we’re doing Creature Feature week as part of MotU May.  I know Lemonjuice probably has a case of blue balls, what with his talking about wide stances and truck restrooms and metaphorical bodyparts, so I thought I’d do (har har) another blue-skinned figure here on Hobotastic to make Lemonjuice ponder about more blue balls.


Perseus: Bearer of Secret Articulation…and Panties

Action figure collecting can get a little repetitive.  With lines like DC Universe Classics, Marvel Universe, MOTUC, etc., you pretty much know what you’re going to get.  However, every once in a blue moon you buy an action figure that manages to surprise and astonish.  Neca has accomplished this feat with Perseus from the new remake of Clash of the Titans.