Hanging Ten on a Soundwave! Let’s Boogie!

[aaand here’s another review from Novelty. Will I threaten his life again? Read on to find out. – Lemonjuice McGee]

Hey y’all, it’s Novelty again, and if you haven’t visited my site and joined the contest, well, you should.  Even Lemonjuice has thrown his hat into the ring to emerge as the grand slut winner of something black and not so shiny.  [ It’s a damn axe! – LJ ] But I digress as usual.  I blame it on Mr. Jim Beam. Anyways, back on Toy a Day, I’m opening animated/cartoon themed toys this month as part of Animated August, and this week, it’s Transformers Animated week.  Oh yeah, bring on Mr. Jim Beam, erm… I mean Soundwave.