Escape with Alcatraz: NECA Toys’ Crysis 2 Nanosuit

This figure was one of the few purchases I made while in New York City for Toy Fair.  After seeing him up close at the NECA booth on Sunday, I had to have him!  I reviewed him over at MTV Geek! since they were cool enough to fly me out for the show in the first place… plus they pay me, and a hobos gotta eat!  Click the link for all the ramblings and some pics that I’m pretty partial to as well.

MTV Geek! Crysis 2 Nanosuit Review


Just Like Havin’ a Crystal Ball, Baby!

Toy Fair 2010 was this past weekend and so was Valentine’s Day.  Assuming, like me,  you were holed up with a bottle of turpentine and a couple of less than reputable women then you probably missed out on the coverage of all things “toy”.  That being the case, I suggest you click on some of the links that appear ever-so conveniently on the right side of this very page. Trust me, the G.I. JOE coverage (Solid Snake style Duke?!) and Masters Of the Universe Classics (Mol-Lar from Robot Chicken) reveals are well worth the time and loss of productivity.

That sweet shot of Duke comes to you courtesy of Toy News International. Click on the name for sweet shots of all the other JOES including a new Beachhead that’ll make you soil yourself.

I’ll be back with more reviews soon enough, ya whiny bastards!