Scars N’ Spurs: DCUC Jonah Hex

Damn, I love Jonah Hex!  Not in a ” I wanna slip into him nice and slow as he sleeps” kinda way, but more of a “That is one badass killer and I admire the characters toughness” kinda way.  He’s my favorite figure out of DC Universe Classics Wave 16, and I highly suggest you man up and go buy him… since nothing says you’re a big, burly man like purchasing action figures!  Head over to MTV Geek! to check out the review:

DC Universe Jonah Hex Review

Escape with Alcatraz: NECA Toys’ Crysis 2 Nanosuit

This figure was one of the few purchases I made while in New York City for Toy Fair.  After seeing him up close at the NECA booth on Sunday, I had to have him!  I reviewed him over at MTV Geek! since they were cool enough to fly me out for the show in the first place… plus they pay me, and a hobos gotta eat!  Click the link for all the ramblings and some pics that I’m pretty partial to as well.

MTV Geek! Crysis 2 Nanosuit Review

Feathers N’ Fins: DCUC vs. MOTUC Series 2

Mattel has recently released the 2nd series of DC Universe Classics VS. Masters of the Universe Classics 2 packs to Toys R’ Us stores.  While none of the characters are exactly favorites of mine, they do match up well when it comes to their water lovin’ or flying personas.  I really like the Mer-Man variant, and the Aquaman is top notch. The peg-warming pack here will definitely be the Hawkman and Stratos pack although their both nice figures.  There’s just something about Stratos that I hate…it’s gotta be that face… Anyway, check out my picture-heavy review at the link below:

DCUC vs. MOTUC Seris 2 Review

Zippered Mask & Leather Gloves: DCUC Bane

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 will be hitting pegs soon, and is already in a lot of collector’s hands.  Here’s my review of the Collect & Connect figure of Bane.  He’s like a giant criminally-inclined luchadore that managed to stomp a mudhole in Batman… once. Of course, that’s more times than most villains can claim, so I guess that counts for somethin’. Oh, and the figure is very, very nice.

A Back Breaking Review of DCUC Bane

Permanent Plastic Prison: Gray Ghost

[ Mattel has finally done it!  Those genius bastards have created an action figure that I refuse to open! ] – Lemonjuice McGee

As you can see above, that’s a figure of the Gray Ghost!  He first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series, so the JLU style this figure is done up in definitely makes sense.  You’re probably saying to yourself, “McGee, you fuckin’ HATE toys that don’t move, so what’s the deal you goddamn sellout?!”.

Well, this figure has a little something special going for it.  Wanna know what it is? Well hit the friggin’ More tab to find out!


Bustin’ 2 Electric Boogaloo: Retro-Action Real Ghostbusters Series 1

Nope, these aren’t even close to being the Kenner figures we all remember.  However, they turned out to be better then I expected.  I’ve previewed/reviewed them over at MTV Geek, and while they’re cool toys, I still hope Mattel will give them the DCUC 6″ treatment eventually. They f’n deserve it!

Retro-Action Ghostbusters Review

Tools of the Trade: MOTUC Weapon Pak II

I smoothly managed to let this thing slip through the cracks.  I had the Weapon Pak photographed for a while, but all these other friggin’ awesome toys kept cropping up! Anyway, the review is up over at MTV Geek, so click on the link, if you’d be so kind, and show this thing a little love.  Cause it’s kind of embarassing, really.

MOTUC Weapon Pak II Review

Who You Gonna F@#kin’ Call?: Ghostbusters PKE Meter Prop Replica

Yeah, I have this… and it’s fuckin’ nice!  Mattel‘s new PKE Meter is one of those things that all Ghostbusters fans are gonna want to have in their collection.  Sure it might not actually detect ghosts, but it’ll make your friends jealous as Hell!

Here’s the link for my review over at MTV Geek:

Mattel PKE Meter Prop Replica Review

DCUC Raven: Robin’s Lil Lolita

Raven is notable for one reason: She was my first experiment with using a solid “backdrop” for my photos. Sure I’ve crammed figures in the dirt, smashed them up against trees, tossed them haphazardly into the streets; but, this was my first time doing something that practically every other toy photographer does.  I doubt I’ll use it too often, as I prefer the “real life” shots I take.  Anyway, Raven’s review is up over on MTV Geek!, so here’s the link as usual:

DCUC Raven Review

On a side note, I’m currently planning a new review for this site, which will go down as the most brutally nasty piece of action figure reviewing filth I have ever unleashed upon the world! Get excited, people!…and be afraid.

Sabotage! : P.O.C. Firefly

That’s right ladies (and the few men that I’m sure frequent this site), new G.I. JOEs are upon us and Hasbro has decided to bless our collector souls with greatness.  I just snatched some JOEs after they “fell off a truck”, if you know what I’m sayin’, and the reviews are about to commence!  Firefly has always held a special place in my cold, dark heart so if you wanna read what I think of the figure…well, you’re just gonna have to go elsewhere.  Yep, this review is part of the Blog Mash Bash and appears on Novelty‘s Toy A Day.  Click the link below the pic to read it.  You know you want to…

Pursuit of COBRA: Firefly Review