Barbarian + Space Pirate + Mercenary? Yes Please. : MOTUC Trapjaw

Mattel and The Four Horsemen enjoy when I nervously piss myself with uncontrolled excitement.  How else can they explain creating such a perfect representation of Trapjaw in their Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures?  Quality, you say?  Bah!  They obviously did it for the sole reason of making me feel superficially happy.  You can’t convince me otherwise, no matter how hard you try… that bottle of gin and handful of child aspirin have made up my mind already.  Now, let’s get into the review!


My First Hobotastic Contest!

You like free shit?!  Of course you f’n do!  Well, unless you’re some kinda sucker!  In honor of…well…myself, I’ve decided to give away some (mostly) cool prizes to one lucky talented bastard reader.

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Hobo-Toys: Masters of the Street!

Most times, older action figures are held in high regard. They’re cared for in their old age and spend their lives in relative luxury. However, sometimes things manage to take a turn for the worse and action figures are forced to venture out into the world and deal with life…the hard way.  Missing or alternative limbs are the norm, and selling yourself is just another way to get by.

I recently stumbled upon this former “Master of the Universe” biding his time at a local Peddler’s Mall.  I took him home for a buck. That’s right, I bought him, body and soul for one measly dollar. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.