The End is Nigh…

…well, for this blog at any rate.

Due to my increasingly busy art schedule with Kidthulhu and the frequency of posts for MTV Geek!, I’ve managed to neglect this site for far too long. Time to put this poor, drunken, sonuvabitch out of it’s misery.

As I sharpen my Killin’ Axe, allow me to thank all of you for taking the time to make this blog such a success. All of the comments, guest reviews, and general views always made this thing worth doing. There were never any ads on here, and all of the reviews on this site were always done out of the love — or intense hatred of toys I purchased and wanted to share with the rest of you.

Lots of alliances have been made through this little site, and one day we shall create a super-team the likes of which will shake the very foundations of the Earth! bitch about toys together once again!

Thanks again for slumming it with me here at Lemonjuice McGee’s Hobotastic Toy Reviews.


Lemonjuice McGee a.k.a. Jason Stephens


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  1. Well, sorry to see it come to this, can’t say it’s much of a surprise. I’ll just have to catch you at other blogs, because I’ll be damned if I give out my facebook account to that other site that has taken all of your time and profanity away.
    On the plus side, I think I’ve already caught everything you have posted since that Robin review, so I’m up to date with your toys.
    Just out of curiosity, did you ever score a Battle Cat?

    • Nope, never got one. I DID get Panthor, although he came a month after he was released, hence no review.

  2. I hope you do keep this site up and running, even if it’s not being updated. Have fun wherever you may be 🙂

    • The site will stay up for all weary travelers to stumble upon.

  3. Man, I’m just seing this! You’re moving on up the ranks of hobohood and abandoning your cadboard mansion for one made out of better cardboard, aren’t you? Dude, all the best though I agree with clark–they’ve taken away your swearing and made you a corporate hobo! Lol.

    Since you’re keeping this site up, hopefully you can maybe come back from time to time to surprise us? Heh.

    Onward to biger beter things! 🙂

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