The Most Violent of All The Unicorns: MOTUC Shadow Beast

Have you been jonesin’ for a gorilla/monster/unicorn hybrid for your toy collection? Well, your motherflippin’ chance to procure the Shadow Beast is comin’ up in February over on Matty Collector.  This bastard doesn’t do much, but he sure as Hell looks intimidating on the shelf.  Check out my Preview/Review over on MTV Geek:

MOTUC Shadow Beast Review


Kill ’em with cuteness: DC Universe Action League

The DC Universe Action League toys are taking the place fo the current Batman Brave & The Bold versions this coming year.  I’ve reviewed them over at MTV Geek, and while they’re not my cup of tea (due to their smiling faces and lack of blood-soaked apparel), my two-year old, toy-testing, future zombie-killer favors them quite highly.

DC Universe Action League Series 1 Preview/Review

What is best in life?: MOTUC Vikor, that’s what!

FUCK and YES! Vikor has made his way into the Masters of the Universe Classics figures, and the world can rejoice!  I wrote up a preview/review over at MTV Geek, which pretty much sums up my thoughts on the guy… minus all the pure, unadulterated profanity. Yes, Vikor’s coolness is quite swear-worthy.  Anyway, here’s the link:

MOTUC Vikor Review

Tools of the Trade: MOTUC Weapon Pak II

I smoothly managed to let this thing slip through the cracks.  I had the Weapon Pak photographed for a while, but all these other friggin’ awesome toys kept cropping up! Anyway, the review is up over at MTV Geek, so click on the link, if you’d be so kind, and show this thing a little love.  Cause it’s kind of embarassing, really.

MOTUC Weapon Pak II Review

12″ of Man… SuperMAN that is!

Behold the wonder that is this toy! It’s like owning a gold crucifix or a really classy velvet portrait of Elvis! The most iconic version of Superman to ever be put to film now exists in large-scale action figure form.  Check out my review over at MTV Geek:

Mattel’s Deluxe Movie Masters 12″ Christopher Reeve Superman Figure Review

The Best of The Best for 2010…Toys that is!

The Glyos RIG is #10 on my list. Who are the other 9?! Click on the damn link to find out!

Ten Best Toys of 2010

As I’m sure my picks vary from yours, the Comment Section is always open for your welcomed opinions on what toys you would have chose… and how much spaghetti you can put away. It just seems like one of you is gonna talk about spaghetti…

Top Ten Tron Toys of Twenty-Ten… Lotsa Ts

So who else is super-fucking-stoked about this Friday?! Tron: Legacy is finally coming to theaters and I shall be one of the masses of people lined up to see it.  Over on MTV Geek, I wrote a list of the top ten Tron toys so check it out and be a pal.

Top Ten Tron Toys… #1 is super-damned expensive, but worth it.

Jibber-Jabber for December 13th

So, I haven’t really been updating  jack-shit on here as of late. Other than links to my MTV Geek articles, this “Haven of the Distrusted” has been stuck on autopilot.  However, the general comments have been going strong with everything being discussed from taking sexy bubble baths with Hal Jordan to… well, there’s been a LOT of talk about bubble baths.

Anyway, today I’m just gonna ramble on about the various happenings in my seedy world of action figures and cockfighting.  You guys can then comment the living fuck out of the post, and together we’ll make the world a better place!


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Chain Smoking Scientists: Mattel’s Ghostbusters 4-Pack

Happy Holidays you buncha hobos and scalawags! While I do have one more Christmas-centric toy to review, these guys were the ones I got the nerd-erection for.

Ghostbusters II 4-Pack Review (with Slimer, that jolly green bastard)