Quit Judging Him!

[ This is the first action figure comic that’s appeared on Hobotastic Toys and it comes courtesy of 3B, curator of Killer B Hive.  Its incredibly awesome and shall hopefully be the first of many. – Lemonjuice McGee]


POGS: The Most Dangerous Game

[ Nope, this isn’t a review. It IS however, a pretty hilarious piece about the uprising (and quick downfall) of POGS, by Articulated Discussion‘s own Dr. Nightmare.  Read it and laugh, and laugh, and vomit a little, and then laugh some more. – Lemonjuice McGee]

You know what the problem with kids is nowadays? Aside from their parents not being allowed to beat them anymore? They, and most of urban America (you pansies), have lost their competitive nature (unless they have a psycho football coach for a dad that secretly beats them at home with a broken bottle of hooch when they don’t win a game, of course). It leads to more fat kids, more sloths on the playground in the halls for us non-fat people to avoid while running around the track or to our next class because we’re NOT fucking lazy.

For a brief moment in the ’90s, pogs changed all that ass-laggery.


Barbarian + Space Pirate + Mercenary? Yes Please. : MOTUC Trapjaw

Mattel and The Four Horsemen enjoy when I nervously piss myself with uncontrolled excitement.  How else can they explain creating such a perfect representation of Trapjaw in their Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures?  Quality, you say?  Bah!  They obviously did it for the sole reason of making me feel superficially happy.  You can’t convince me otherwise, no matter how hard you try… that bottle of gin and handful of child aspirin have made up my mind already.  Now, let’s get into the review!


Hanging Ten on a Soundwave! Let’s Boogie!

[aaand here’s another review from Novelty. Will I threaten his life again? Read on to find out. – Lemonjuice McGee]

Hey y’all, it’s Novelty again, and if you haven’t visited my site and joined the contest, well, you should.  Even Lemonjuice has thrown his hat into the ring to emerge as the grand slut winner of something black and not so shiny.  [ It’s a damn axe! – LJ ] But I digress as usual.  I blame it on Mr. Jim Beam. Anyways, back on Toy a Day, I’m opening animated/cartoon themed toys this month as part of Animated August, and this week, it’s Transformers Animated week.  Oh yeah, bring on Mr. Jim Beam, erm… I mean Soundwave.


An Articulated Hobo?

So, yours truly was recently interviewed by the incomparable (and possibly criminally insane) Dr. Nightmare for Articulated Discussion.  He asked all kinds of probing questions while force-feeding me malt liquor and tuna.  It was really quite the experience.  In fact, feel free to check that shit out:


Pimping for Darkness – Contest!

Hey y’all, it’s Novelty from Toy a Day here.  I’m just pimping my contest, and since Lemonjuice is too busy making juice with his hands and uh… other body parts, I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m hijacking one post to do my pimping.  [ I’ll let it slide this time, cause the prize is so badass! – LJ ] So what’s the prize?  Click more to see it and to read about the contest!


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Throbbing Purple Power: Prince Adam

Prince Adam. He’s a lazy, spoiled, vest-wearing, good-fer-nothin’…but damn, those are some nice pants!

Adam was relegated to being an accessory to Orko in this mattycollector line of Masters of the Universe Classics figures by Mattel.  The least I could do was give this smirking layabout his own review.


Orko: Undercover Pimp, Cane And All

Big cartoony yellow eyes? Check.  Insanely large and pointy red hat? Check.  Letter of name emblazoned on clothing? Check.  Unstoppable magic-turned-parlor tricks thanks to Eternia‘s wonky atmosphere? Check.

Yep, looks like this is definitely the review for Orko from Mattel‘s Masters of the Universe Classics line of figures…the mattycollector version.  On sale day I was busy pressing my groin against various inanimate objects around the town square, but luckily Novelty came through and ordered an Orko for me, like a true friend…or a creepy stalker that secretly wants to wear my skin.


A Big-Ass Knife: Falconer Predator

Welcome to the jungle baby. You’re gonna DIE!” – Axel Rose

When I hear the word “predator”, images of creepy old men waiting outside of a playground come to mind.  However, for most of you guys, I’m sure Danny Glover running across rooftops and battling an alien batter you psyche…or perhaps Schwarzenegger covered in mud and brandishing a spear.  Either way, it’s not very desirable.

Today I’m checking out the Falconer Predator from Neca‘s line of figures based off the Predators movie.


Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss: Metallic Hal Jordan

Green Lantern. That’s all I’m gonna have to tag this post with for it to get a zillion hits.  Pretty soon us nerdy real Green Lantern fans will feel crapped upon by the million johnny-come-latelys that will be rallying around the Ryan Reynolds flick (I’m also looking forward to it like a blathering idiot.).  For now though, us comic junkies are still rewarded with (mostly) comic-accurate versions of Hal Jordan, the best damn Green Lantern of Earth. Oh, you like Kyle…wanna fight about it?!  Where’s my drink?  It’s time for a review by gawd!

This right here is the newest release from Mattel‘s DC Universe Classics Toys R’ Usexclusive repaints.  Read on suckas and learn all about what I think of this space cop!