DCUC Robin: Feet? Who Needs Em?!

Tragedy strikes!  Yep, I had some serious QC issues with Robin.  Unlike King Hssss, these kinds of quality issues are NOT acceptable and came at the price of the Boy Wonder’s life!  Not only did he lose his feet like an elderly diabetic cake-lover, but his head too came off in quick fashion.  However, the figure is pretty friggin’ great as my love of the original Super Powers toy is through the roof, so I bought another one… and still reviewed him favorably.  Honestly, there’s just no denying how much I like this figure.  Not a sellout, just a sucker for scaled panties and elf shoes!

Here’s the review:

MTV Geek! Wave 16 DCUC Robin Review

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  1. Like my friend used to say when I complained about a chick’s funky toes: “Get over it, it’s not like you’re fucking her feet”.

    He is no longer my friend.

  2. Hey, LJ, got plans for that severed head? I’d be glad to take it off your hands!

    • Nope, no plans. the neck barbell is stuck up in it as of right now. Send me an email with your address and I’ll toss it in the mail.

      • Sweet! Thanks, dude!

  3. If you don’t have any plans for his severed feet, I could really use one to hold in my mouth while I do my morning exercise routines.

    Anyway, very well done review. You almost convinced me that I should actually pick up this figure (modern version), but luckily I have shaken that off. Instead, one of your older reviews convinced me to get a set of B&W Neca Turtles, although I already have a colored set. So yet again, MTV-Geek has received traffic from me specifically due to your reviews, and the links you provide through hobotastictoys.

    • Score! 🙂

      I love those TMNT figures and was actually playing with posing them just this morning. I’d love to have the color versions, but there’s just no way I can afford that shit after I pay for my morphine addiction. Maybe one day I’ll splurge and pick up at least one of them…

      • Although we’ll never see series 2, I hope Neca decides that Series 1 is worth re-releasing. Considering the prices they pull in on the secondary market I guarantee they’ll sell like crazy. I would even pick up a second set just to have in case something happens to the ones I have.
        Until then, I just have my fingers crossed that the new Playmates figures coming out for the new show are going to be bad ass.

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